The University of Wisconsin-Platteville provides parking on university property and administers the enforcement of parking regulations through the University Police Department. Permits are required in ALL university parking lots and on university streets. UW-Platteville's Parking Policy and Regulations manual is a great resource to answer many questions regarding parking. 

In accordance with Chapter 18 of the Administrative Code parking is prohibited on university grounds except where specifically authorized by the chancellor.  Such authorized parking lots and spaces, and the use thereof, are designated by appropriate signs and markings. Parking in university parking lots may be restricted or prohibited as required for maintenance and snow removal. Parking is prohibited at all times on roads, drives, and fire lanes traversing university lands. 

Parking in university parking lots shall be prohibited during posted times to persons other than those specifically assigned to those areas. Motor vehicles authorized to park in university controlled lots will be identified by properly displaying a current University of Wisconsin-Platteville Parking Permit. 

In order to provide parking in university parking lots for public events, special arrangements may be made to allow visitors to park in university lots, not exceeding 12 hours continuously, and appropriate fees may be established. 

Parking is prohibited at all times in areas which must be kept clear for vehicles to load and unload. 

Motor vehicles parked in a restricted parking area without a valid permit or motor vehicles parked in a fire zone, fire lane, loading zone, or no parking zone, and unlicensed or partially dismantled motor vehicles may be towed at the owner's expense. Towed vehicles, if not claimed after notice to the owner, shall be considered abandoned and shall be disposed of in accordance to Wisconsin State Statutes. 

Failure for the driver to know the parking regulations will not serve as a defense for any parking violations. 

Failure to find a legal parking space does not excuse a violation. 

Pay a Parking Citation