There are several convenient ways to pay your fine.

  • Pay online or at the University Police Department with credit card. You will need citation and your license plate numbers.
  • Use check or cash at the University Police Department.
  • After hours, payments can be placed in the drop box at the main entrance to Brigham Hall.
  • Checks should be made payable to University Police and mailed to:
    UW-Platteville Police Department
    135 Brigham Hall
    1 University Plaza
    Platteville, WI 53818
  • Please do not send cash through the mail

Failure to pay the parking fine will follow the late fee schedule.

  • Due Date: 10 days from the date of citation issuance (unless citation is appealed within the first 7 days). 
  • First notice (on 10th day): A letter will be sent to the registered vehicle owner's address informing him/her of a $5 late fee assessment and warning that if payment is not received in the next 10 days the following will be assessed: Another $5 late fee, a student record hold, a suspension of vehicle registration, and a $15 administrative suspension filing fee.  
    • Students with unpaid fines lose university class registration ability, lose textbook rental ability, and have transcripts held. They may also be referred to small claims court or a collection agency. Employees and visitors may be referred to small claims court or a collection agency. An additional fee is levied for court and/or administrative costs plus unpaid violations. University Police reserves the right to revoke the parking rights of habitual violators. 
  • Second notice (on 20th day): This is the second and final letter indicating that all the above penalties mentioned, will be assessed in seven days from the date of this letter. 

Parking Citation Appeals 

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Police Department allows driver's the opportunity to appeal a parking citation to the University Parking Appeals Committee using the online parking portal, provided they submit the appeal in the appropriate time and manner described below. The following are circumstances which are not considered a valid reason for an appeal and will immediately be rejected by our automated process.

Our Process

Visit Citation Appeals to begin the appeal process. 

  • You have seven days from when the citation was issued to complete the appeal process. After days, the window to appeal will close. 
  • If you have chosen a valid reason to appeal, you will be advanced to another screen where you will enter your citation number and license plate. From there you will have a chance to describe your reason for appeal. 
  • Because the Parking Appeals Committee usually meets once a week, you can expect to hear a response within seven to 14 days. 

The University Parking Appeals Committee will provide an email to the appellant stating the final decision of the committee. There are three outcomes for an appeal. 


  1. Waived: Citation has been waived and the ticket has been voided from the system. 
  2. Reduced: Citation was reduced from its original amount to a smaller dollar amount. Please note that failure to pay the reduced fine by the due date may result in late fines that will not be removed from the citation. 
  3. Rejected: Citation will need to be paid in full. If you want to appeal further, you may do so, by requesting a court date in the Grant County Circuit Court. Please see below for the fine adjustment to incur court fees.