Advising and Course Selection


  • Make sure to regularly check the email address you submitted on your ECCP application. UW-Platteville will communicate the next steps with you closer to your registration period.

    • Fall classes: meet with an academic advisor in early August
    • Spring classes: meet with an academic advisor in December and January
    • Summer classes: meet with an academic advisor in May
  • Watch your email (the one you put on your application for admission and ECCP application). This will provide you with instructions about what needs to be done prior to meeting with an academic advisor and registering for your classes.

    The UW-Platteville Registrar's Office will complete your registration for you, provided all of the paperwork has been submitted by you and the academic advisor. The Registrar's Office will not register you for classes that are not approved by your school district or for which you've not yet met a prerequisite. The Registrar's Office will email a copy of your schedule to your UW-Platteville email address once you are registered.

    • Early College Credit Program: $100 per credit, paid by the school district
    • High School Special: $350 per credit, paid by the student
  • Early College Credit Program students can incur charges through their PASS account that are not covered under an agreement with the student's high school. Common examples include parking passes & textbook fines. For this reason, we require everyone to sign the financial agreement even if the likelihood of incurring any charges may be low. The parent takes responsibility for any unpaid charges not covered by the Early College Credit Program. Therefore, we have a legal obligation to ensure that the spouse of the signer is properly notified of a debt being incurred. On the Wisconsin Marital Property Agreement Supplemental we are asking the marital status of the signing parent (not the student).

  • $350 per credit, including all fees

  • Textbook rental is included in the fee. Students check out books from our Textbook Center and return them at the end of the semester.

  • You will work with a UW-Platteville academic advisor, who will assist you in completing the paperwork required to help you register for classes. If the classes are full, and you do not have any other options pre-approved by your school district, you will be asked to connect with your school counselor, administrator, and/or school board to seek approval for other options before we can register you.

  • A prerequisite is a course that you need to successfully complete before enrollment in the designated course.  A co-requisite is a course that must be taken at the same time as the designated course.

Course Participation

  • Face-to-face on a university campus or online. A schedule of your classes will be sent to you when you have been registered for the class.  However, it is important that you regularly check PASS to verify the room/building of your class before you go on the first day, as sometimes classes are reassigned to a different room. If you are unfamiliar with campus, you can access campus maps here.

  • Classes are taught by university faculty and instructional staff.

  • If you need to drop a course, please let us know ASAP. Email from your UW-Platteville email account (or your high school email account) and indicate which course(s) you wish to drop. If you drop before the semester begins or within the first week of our semester, the course will not appear on your transcript (it is dropped without a WD grade). As the semester progresses, students may drop a course(s) but will receive a WD grade on their transcript and may need to reimburse their high school for the cost of the course. Please refer to the academic calendar for specific drop/withdrawal deadlines. Contact us at with any questions.

  • Courses are offered in a variety of modalities. Discuss the different options with your UW-Platteville academic advisor to determine which modality (face to face, streaming, online asynchronous, or online synchronous) is right for you.

  • Contact the Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or email at

  • Log into your course in Canvas via the Pioneer Portal. Within your Canvas course, you'll find the course syllabus, calendar, assignments, discussion boards, and more.

    Check your UW-Platteville email account regularly. All official communication from campus, including instructor outreach, will be sent to your email.

  • Canvas: Digital learning environment used to supplement classroom learning for face-to-face courses.  It allows instructors to provide handouts, post grades, and collect assignments.

    For online courses, the full course is delivered through Canvas.

    PASS: UW-Platteville uses the Pioneer Administrative Software System (PASS) for many different student and staff functions, including registration, payments, financial aid review, administrative purposes, updating and maintaining student records, and more.

    Technical Support: Contact the Help Desk at 608-342-1400 or email at


  • After final grades are posted at the end of the semester, an unofficial transcript will be sent to the high school guidance counselor for each student (with the exception of home-school students and students who self-pay for all courses). In general, unofficial transcripts are mailed within two weeks of the end of the semester.

STEM Start and Other Unique Programs

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