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Mission Statement

The mission of the Textbook Center is to aid students in having the best possible education by furnishing textbooks to them in a cost-efficient manner. This will give students an affordable avenue of textbook acquisition for their education at UW-Platteville.


The University of Wisconsin-Platteville was founded in 1866 as the State Normal School. Classes began on October 9, 1866. Textbooks were furnished to students for $1.00 to $1.50 per term. The income derived from rentals and sales was to be sufficient to keep the textbook library supplied and to pay the salaries of the textbook librarians. Books were to be carefully selected by faculty.

Textbook Rentals

The students, through Segregated Fees Part B, support the Textbook Center in its entirety. Instructors and/or departments select the textbooks to be used. The Textbook Center orders books as requested by department chairs and college deans. Instructors and departments are encouraged to remember that supplementary and reference texts can be ordered through the Follett University Store for purchase by students and/or ordered through Karrmann Library and placed in their Reserve Collection. Rental fees are re- evaluated every year.

All currently registered students may use books from the Textbook Center. Books are not checked out to students for courses being taken through the Education Abroad Program since textbook rental fees are not paid for those courses.

All textbooks, clickers, CDs, etc. are due back to the Textbook Center by the last day of finals at 5:30 p.m. The Drop Box is also open after hours and during weekends for returns.

Textbooks for online or collaborative programs

Online Courses

Textbooks are provided through the UW-Platteville textbook rental service. Students pay Segregated Fee (B) for textbooks for each term enrolled. The fee is prorated based on the number of credits enrolled, with a maximum charge per semester. Each term, students will complete a textbook agreement that outlines textbook center policies and procedures, including textbook distribution, returns, fees, and replacement policies. For full details, visit FAQs-Distance

Depending on the courses you enroll in for the term, you may be required to purchase additional materials not provided by the textbook center, including but not limited to lab kits and software. Review your course when you register in PASS to see if additional materials are needed. 

The Textbook Center will not ship textbooks internationally. International students will need to secure all required textbooks and course materials for their courses. You will have to complete the Segregated Fee Waiver Application each term.

Collaborative Degree Program Courses 

You are expected to purchase your textbooks. Textbook costs are not included in tuition and fees. Financial aid is not disbursed until after the start of classes, so you will have to pay for your textbooks out of pocket, and then reimburse yourself once your financial aid is disbursed. 

You are encouraged to purchase your textbook through the University of Wisconsin Extended Campus bookstore, run by Follett books. By ordering through Follett, you are guaranteed to have the correct book for your course, and, depending on the course, select from a variety of options including new, used, e-book, and rental textbooks. 

To ensure that you purchase the correct textbook when using another vendor, search using the ISBN and verify the title, author, and edition. Do not order the international edition of your course textbook. It will not be compatible with your courses.

Textbook fees

DegreeCost per creditMaximum fee per semester
Undergraduate$8.25 (1–11 credits)$99 (12 credits and up)
Graduate$11$99 (fall/spring); $66 (summer)

Contact Information

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