The University of Wisconsin-Platteville has two Women in STEM Living Learning Communities for women pursuing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics degrees. An LLC is a group of students who are focused on a particular area of interest and live together in an on-campus residence hall. The WiSTEM LLC is an interactive and engaging LLC, where women who are interested in STEM fields build strong personal and academic connections with each other and with UW-Platteville faculty and professionals.

Located in Dobson Hall and Bridgeway Commons, the WiSTEM LLC is dedicated to providing students with a nurturing environment, support network for academics and everyday life, and an exciting college experience. This atmosphere can help with the transition to college life and provide an opportunity for members to develop meaningful friendships. Dobson is a renovated traditional style hall while Bridgeway Commons is a semi-suite style hall.


The LLC is open to incoming freshman, sophomore, and first year transfer women students at the beginning of the fall term and have a declared STEM major or undecided STEM major.

Eligible majors include:

Agriculture Education; Animal Science; BILSA undecided (STEM major); Biology; Broad Field Science; Chemistry; Civil Engineering; Computer Engineering; Computer Science; Computer Science + x; Construction Management; Construction Safety Management; Cybersecurity; Dairy Science; Data Science; Electrical Engineering; EMS undecided; Engineering Physics; Environmental Engineering; Environmental Horticulture; Environmental Science and Conservation; Forensic Investigation; General Engineering undecided;  Geography; Industrial Engineering; Industrial Studies undecided; Industrial Technology Management; Manufacturing Technology Management; Mathematics; Mathematics Education; Mechanical Engineering; Occupational Safety Management; Psychology; Reclamation, Environment and Conservation; Software Engineering; Soil and Crop Science; Sustainability and Renewable Energy Systems; Technology Education

Students who start in the spring term can become a member if there are openings. If you are starting in the spring, please email us at


As a resident of the WiSTEM LLC, you will have many unique opportunities including:

  • Opportunities to form study groups with other LLC members who live in your wing
  • Enhanced academic and social opportunities
  • Increased satisfaction with your UW-Platteville experience
  • Friendships with classmates in the same classes and academic programs
  • Stronger academic relationships and better connections with faculty members
  • Opportunities for networking with professionals from industry
  • Support from LLC staff with navigating college life, finding resources, and getting advice


Some of the activities and events you could be involved with as part of the LLC include:

  • Professional development and networking events with faculty, staff and industry professionals
  • Professor Meet and Greet
  • Networking with company representatives
  • Lunches with women STEM faculty and LLC staff
  • Community service activities such as mentoring young girls interested in STEM
  • Social activities on and off-campus
  • Company visits once per semester
  • Option to join the Women in STEM Mentor Program
  • Women in STEM themed Intro to College Life class


Complete the Women in STEM LLC Registration. Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We only accept STEM majors and single rooms are not allowed in the LLC unless there is an approved medical request.

Registration closes May 1 or when the LLC is full. You will not be assigned a room in the WiSTEM LLC until your Residence Life Contract is complete. For questions, email

  • Submit your Residence Life Contract in PASS and pay the Residence Life Contract deposit. Mark “Women in STEM LLC” (Dobson Hall or Bridgeway Commons)” as your housing preference in your contract. If you have already submitted your Residence Life Contract, you can login again and change your housing preference or email

  • You are guaranteed a spot in the LLC as long as you sign up on the WiSTEM LLC registration by Feb. 28. You must do your Residence Life Contract AND register for the WiSTEM LLC. Please list your roommates/suitemates and make sure they do the same when they register. If you are unsure who you plan to room with, you can let us know or change your roommate later.

    Same Room Sign-Up

    The LLC wing in Dobson Hall and Bridgeway Commons is blocked off in the sign-up through Residence Life to prevent anyone from signing up. You will get an error when you try to sign up for the WiSTEM LLC wing. Email Residence Life ( to let them know you plan to be in the WiSTEM LLC and want the same room. This can be changed later if you want a different room that is open.

    Different Hall or Room Sign-Up

    If you are signing up when it's open to sign up for any residence hall and room, you can choose a random room to reserve a space in Bridgeway Commons or Dobson Hall and email Residence Life that you plan to be in the WiSTEM LLC.

  • There is a $100 fee to cover the cost of increased staffing and programing. The fee will be posted in your PASS account with fall tuition. You MUST inform us by May 1 if you decide not to live in the LLC by emailing Otherwise, the fee will come out of your PASS account regardless. When you sign up you are taking a spot, if you change your mind, then we need to fill your spot.

    Scholarships are available based on financial need. Email to request an application.