The Women in STEM Program values the sponsorship of individuals and companies that contribute their time and financial resources to support our programs and services. Without your assistance, we would not be able to accomplish our vision of creating a more diverse, competitive, and balanced workforce in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, and helping women to succeed. Additionally, through our outreach programs, we reach more than 600 girls, ages 7-18 years-old, every year. These outreach programs expose young women to STEM careers they think are not for "girls" or they may not learn about in middle and high school.

The Women in STEM Program is led by the Women in STEM Senior Program Manager, Kim Sargent; Women in STEM Program Assistant, Michelle Godez; and is also supported by the Director of College of EMS Student Success Programs, Tammy Salmon-Stephens. These two, along with the help of about 50 student assistants, ambassadors, and mentors, manage our programs and events with the main objective of recruiting and retaining more girls and women in STEM.

Become a Sponsor

Company sponsorships are crucial to our success in running our programs and student organizations. All donations go towards program expenses and wages for our student assistants, mentors, ambassadors, and tour guides.

We also appreciate and welcome individual donors, many of whom are University of Wisconsin-Platteville alumni, who see the value of our programs and want to give back. If an individual from your company chooses to donate, and your company has a matching gift policy, and the company pledges the matching gift, both the donor and your company will be eligible for the company sponsorship level determined by the amount of the gift plus the company matching gift.

To learn more about our sponsorship levels, the opportunities to network with our students that come with sponsorship, and to pledge your support, please click the button below. You can go to our Women in STEM Program webpage for more information about the programs we offer for pre-college and college students.

Please note: if sponsors are at the $1000 level or above, pledges should be made by October to maximize event choices. In order to participate in the Women in STEM Banquet, the deadline to pledge sponsorship is March 15. Sponsorships are for an academic year.

Pledge Sponsorship

For more information about becoming a sponsor for the Women in STEM Program, contact Kim Sargent at

Thanks To Our 2022-2023 Sponsors

Jane MacLamarrah and Michael Kohl

Jen Brooks with Caterpillar

Ronald Meissen

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Carol and Brian Weber

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Tammy J. Salmon-Stephens

Xiaohong Wang & Gary Lindahl

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