Entrepreneurs have an idea, something they love to do, and want to make that idea and passion into a career working for themselves.

Are You An Entrepreneur?

If you already have an idea:

  • How can you align your strengths and passion with a need in the world?
  • What skills are you mastering to help you achieve your dream?
  • How can you use a UW-Platteville education to ensure you have the skills to succeed?
  • Honing your entrepreneurial skills now will enhance your marketability, your career, and your life.
  • Join the Campus Entrepreneurs Organization
  • Participate in entrepreneurship events likeā€¦
  • Consider minoring in entrepreneurship at UW-Platteville

Minor in Entrepreneurship

  • The minor is designed to complement all majors.
  • The minor is open to all University of Wisconsin-Platteville undergraduates. There are no prerequisites.
  • The minor has a strong experiential component. Fifty percent of the curriculum can be described as active learning.