We believe that one of the best ways to conclude an undergraduate education is to require a rigorous employment internship that is closely supported by a faculty. The experience provides the opportunity to reflect upon past learning and bridge its application to practice in a real organization. The School of Business places between 150-180 student interns every year in a wide range of roles, industries, and locations.

As an intern, you will gain real-world experience from professionals in your industry and start building the network that will provide you with a long and successful career. Many of our internships result in offers for extension or permanent placement. In fact, our 2018 first destination survey showed that one in three UW-Platteville students who completed an internship went on to secure full-time employment with that company.

The university provides an extensive job board that connects a national network of over 200,000 employers that offers internships, as well as part-time and full-time work. Similarly, students are allowed to pursue internships through other channels, much as they would if they were seeking a permanent job. The School of Business also keeps an active directory of organizations that frequently employ UW-Platteville interns and company representatives are frequent guests and speakers in student organizations, classes, and recruitment fairs on campus. In short, opportunities abound and finding an internship is generally not a major hurdle for students.

If you are an employer looking to join our network of partners, please send a note to schoolofbusiness@uwplatt.edu.