Residents living within Bridgeway Commons, Cooper LLC, Dobson Hall, McGregor Hall, Melcher Hall, Porter Hall, Rountree Commons, Southwest Hall, or Wilgus Hall are able to rent a wooden loft kit directly from their building. These loft kits are component extensions from the original bed frame and stored within each building. All lofts include an optional ladder and rail. For an additional cost, you may rent a shelf on which to set alarm clocks, books, glasses, or other items. To order a wooden loft please complete the wooden loft application form.

Rountree Commons:

Students who rent lofts in Rountree Commons will have the loft placed and assembled inside their suites. At this time Rountree Commons does not have shelves or ladders available to students, however, all the lofts include a safety rail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I allowed to bring or build my own loft?

A: No. If a student wishes to loft their bed, they must rent a bed loft using the Residence Life office rental application. DIY lofts pose a liability risk as they can be dangerous.

Q: Am I able to rent a loft throughout the year?

A: Yes! Please see the hall staff in your specific building to fill out the appropriate paperwork and receive your loft.

Q: What happens to my loft if I move?

A: When you move halls, you can take your loft with you or obtain a loft for that building's loft style for no charge. Please work with your current hall staff to return your old loft.

Q: What if I no longer want my loft?

A: Please work with your hall staff to return your loft. Please contact the Department of Residence at 608-342-1845 to inquire about refunds. Refunds are dependent upon the time in which you return your loft, typically the first three weeks of the semester.

Q: Is the loft adjustable?

A: The loft is adjustable and can be set to a low or high setting. Please view the video to the right to see how to adjust the loft and the approximate height of the loft.

Q: Are tools required to assemble a loft?

A: To see how to assemble a loft please view the instructional video to the right. To assemble a loft you will need two people and a rubber mallet. Rubber mallets are available for check-out from the main desk at no charge.

Q: Can I remove furniture from my room?

A: Furniture may be rearranged within the room, however, no pieces may be removed from the room. All bed ends are used in the assembly of the loft.

Q: What pieces are available with this loft?

A: Wooden lofts include: two extender side pieces, two metal braces, an optional ladder, an optional safety rail, and an optional shelf (for an additional charge). PLEASE NOTE: Rountree Commons does not have ladder or shelf pieces available.

Returning your loft:

Students who rented lofts in Bridgeway, Dobson, McGregor, Melcher, Rountree, Porter, Southwest and Wilgus Halls will need to see residence hall staff for information and instructions on how and when to return your loft rental.


  • Failure to return the rental loft during scheduled return times will result in a $50 improper loft return charge.
  • Charges may be assessed at the time of loft return based upon the condition of the loft.

Important Notice

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville assumes no liability for the safety of any loft rented for use in your residence hall room. This means that you assume liability for anything in your room.

Contact Information

Residence Life

0120 Royce Hall