Special Students

Not ready to enroll in a degree program? You can enroll as a Special Student for single course enrollment. You may enroll in a single course rather than a full degree for personal enrichment, to apply toward a certificate, if you plan on transferring the course to another institution, or if you want to start a course(s) while the admission process is completed.

As a special student you

  • Must meet prerequisites for courses. You may be asked to provide an unofficial transcript to show prerequisites.
  • Are not obligated to follow specific degree requirements.
  • Are not eligible for financial aid.
  • May be admitted to a degree program after completing the admission process and any in-progress coursework. Check program requirements for more information.


To enroll for a single undergraduate course review the complete list of online and print-based course offerings and complete the Special Student Application.

Students who, after having been a special student, wish to seek a degree must complete the admission process for degree-seeking students and matriculate before they have earned 30 semester credits as a special student.


You may register as a Special Student and receive academic credit for courses taken while at this status if you have earned a bachelor’s degree from a nationally or regionally accredited institution recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). A maximum of 12 credits earned as a special student may be applied to a degree seeking program.

To enroll for a single graduate course review the complete list of online course offerings and complete the Special Student Application.

UW-Platteville Campus Students

If you are a current UW-Platteville campus student, stop in the Office of Professional Program Support in 2100 Ullsvik or see our campus borrow process page for more information.