If you love music and wish to make music your profession, enroll in UW-Platteville’s music program. Through specialized courses leading to occupations requiring musical expertise, you’ll develop your talent and ability as a musician, gain a thorough understanding of the elements and history of music, discover related business or arts applications for music, or learn to teach music.

The music program at UW-Platteville features small, friendly classes for focused learning; one-on-one time with professors who inspire creativity and learning; and many opportunities for hands-on learning that brings practical skills. Numerous performing opportunities in UW-Platteville bands, choirs, and ensembles also let you share your musical talent, grow your skills, and even take on leadership roles. Plus, tuition at UW-Platteville ranks among the lowest in Wisconsin, so you can graduate without taking on significant student debt.

Find your first choice for opportunity and success in the music program UW-Platteville. Learn more or apply today.

  • Choral Music Education
  • General Music Education
  • Instrumental Music
  • Instrumental Music Education
  • Music Business
  • Piano
  • Vocal Music