At the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Pioneer Involvement Center, located in Markee Pioneer Student Center, we position students for success through co-curricular involvement. We provide a challenging and supportive environment while collaborating and engaging with the campus and surrounding community.

Our Mission 

We create collaborative, co-curricular programs, events, and processes to support student leadership, involvement, student governance, and volunteer experiences, all of which contribute to student retention and encourage diversity and inclusivity.

Our Purpose 

We are dedicated to student development and involvement through creating and promoting cultural, educational, social, recreational, and governance opportunities. We:

  • Advocate for all students
  • Build appreciation for diverse cultures, people, and points of view
  • Provide support, challenge, and vision in a safe environment
  • Advise on policies, procedures, and resources
  • Educate the campus and community about involvement and engagement

Our Philosophy 

We are dedicated to the education and development of students primarily through their co-curricular involvement. We will:

  • Confront sexist, racist, homophobic, and hateful behaviors
  • Model and promote ethical behavior
  • Provide accurate information and effective services
  • Encourage collaboration with individuals and groups
  • Support the Platteville community through volunteerism
  • Contribute to the higher education profession by engaging in professional associations, conducting research, writing, and encouraging students to explore career paths in the profession
  • Instill a Pioneer spirit and loyalty to UW-Platteville
  • Build social structures with elements of fun

Contact Information

Markee Pioneer Student Center

1300 Markee Pioneer Student Center