As a member of a student organization at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, you will have the opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills as well as practical experience working with others. The enjoyment of collaborating and achieving goals, as well as the interpersonal connections and experience in conflict management, create one of the most valuable experiences that you will have at UW-Platteville.

Not only does involvement look great on a resume, but involved students tend to build more life-long friendships, develop relationships with faculty and staff, and have better grades. Studies show that the more you are involved, the more satisfied you will be with your college experience.

Pioneer Engagement Record

When you get involved, you are beginning your UW-Platteville Pioneer Engagement Record.

The Pioneer Engagement Record is a comprehensive, customizable log of your involvement and engagement experiences. Student organization involvement and targeted event attendance are auto-populated into your Pioneer Engagement Record. You have the ability to self-reflect and add new experiences.

Pioneer Involvement Center

The Pioneer Involvement Center (PIC) has resources available to help connect you with great opportunities. Stop by the PIC on the first floor of the Markee Pioneer Student Center, or give us a call at 608.342.1075, or email

Check out our involvement database, PioneerLink, where you can request to join organizations by logging in, searching, and then clicking "Join Organization." The organization leadership will get in contact with you. Most clubs also have their meeting times and locations posted on their profile page, so you can also stop in.

The Pioneer Involvement Center staff will also:

  • Provide guidance in finding a student organization
  • Help students feel comfortable getting involved in new organizations
  • Assist with setting Interests in PioneerLink
  • Support involvement opportunities beyond clubs and organizations
  • Work to build leadership skills through all types of involvement


Distinguished Lecturer

Every spring semester a prominent individual is brought to campus to speak on relevant issues in their field, the state of the world, how students can engage in their education, etc. All students are encouraged to attend, as classes are cancelled during the event.

Stop the Hate

Stop the Hate is an educational initiative of Campus Pride and supports colleges and universities in preventing and combating hate on campus, as well as fostering the development of community. The national program serves as the premiere source of anti-hate educational resources for higher education institutions and campus communities.

Greeks Step Up!

Greeks Step Up is an annual fall workshop bringing together the Greek community, university faculty, and staff to discuss current UW-Platteville topics, including alcohol, drugs, sexual assault, etc. The goals of the program are to educate students, provide a forum for honest discussion, and create individual and community action plans to build strong leaders on campus.

Check out the Campus Programming Relation list of upcoming events.

Student Organization Support

The PIC Staff provides student organization assistance including:

  • Guidance in starting a new organization
  • Helping discover ways to raise funds for projects
  • Offering ideas for recruiting new members
  • Assisting officers with training sessions
  • Supporting the development of budgets and the student segregated fees process
  • Working with leaders to help build a stronger organization

PioneerLink for Organizations

To start a new organization, go to PioneerLink and click on "Organizations" on the top of the page. Click "Register", and all the instructions for creating a new organization are shown.

PioneerLink is a great resource to not only showcase your student organizations, but also promote involvement opportunities. Here's a helpful video on the basics of PioneerLink.

If you're part of a student organization or manage an involvement page on PioneerLink, and have permission, you can create an event by going to that page and clicking "Create Event." Here's a helpful video on creating an event as well as using attendance tracking for events.

Fundraiser approval is built into the creation of an event in PioneerLink. Create your event, select fundraiser from the event types page, and you will be prompted for the information needed in to have your fundraiser approved.


Student Organizations need to complete an annual re-registration, starting in spring and lasting until fall. Update your roster and indicate who holds leadership positions.

Organizations that do activities with risk should be completing the Annual Release to Participate, and turning the completed form into the Pioneer Involvement Center. Update as necessary throughout the year.

Organization Travel

Individual travelers should complete the Pre Travel Forms A and B and turn these in to their organization or the Pioneer Involvement Center before they travel.

If the group is traveling with SUFAC funds, the individual travelers seeking reimbursement should complete the Travel POST for Student Org Reimbursement located on PioneerLink to apply for any reimbursement.

Fleet vehicle costs will be directly charged to the SUFAC account from the Physical Plant.

All groups traveling internationally are required to secure international travel insurance and register their travel through the International Programs Office. Call 608.342.1726 for more information.

Contact Information

Markee Pioneer Student Center

1300 Markee Pioneer Student Center