Sunflower Solution: Health Benefits


Sunflower Oil is a healthy oil! Not only is it good for the local economy (making our oil involved many local people and businesses) but it is also good for your body.

Our oil is completely natural and raw. Unlike most cooking oils, our oil was cold pressed and is not refined with harmful chemicals. This helps assure that the most nutrients possible are retained in the oil.

Our oil is loaded with "healthy fats." Our heart-healthy high-oleic oil has a lot of monunsatured fat, which is a “good” fat, and little saturated and fatty acids (the “bad” fats) compared with most cooking oils (see comparison below).

Our oil is raised organically. No chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers went into the production of our oil. The oil is also GMO-free.

How to use our oil: Sunflower Oil is very versatile- it can be used for baking, sauté, as a dipping oil, or salad dressing. Just as olive oil has a slight olive flavor, our sunflower oil tastes a bit nutty. It can be used at relatively high heat (up to 450 degrees F) before smoking.

Storage: Please keep our Sunflower Oil in a cool, dark place but NOT in the refrigerator! Sunflower oil contains a natural wax that will cause clouding in the oil. This doesn't affect the flavor or quality of the oil, but storing the oil in the refrigerator makes the wax more noticeable.

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