The University of Wisconsin‐Platteville is steward to approximately 816 acres of land in southwest Wisconsin. The mound, which features the famous “M”, accounts for 90 acres, the Pioneer Farm for another 400, and campus proper makes up 362 of these acres.

Land Management Plan

Since 2015, UW‐Platteville has had a written plan to guide decisions affecting the 362 acres of our campus. This plan establishes a broad scope for how we plan to oversee our land in the future and strives to responsibly invest in and steward our 120 acres of open space.

View our Land Management Plan.

Plant Identification Database

Native plants offer countless benefits. They tend to be more drought tolerant than standard ornamental plants, they offer deeper roots which help increase water absorption during rain events, and they offer an excellent (and often necessary) food source for our very important pollinators including butterflies and bees.

In partnership with the Biology Department, we have been developing and planting landscaped beds made of native plants. Did a particular plant catch your eye? You can look it up here!

Visit our native plant database.

Edible Garden and Mini Edible Gardens

Stop by and visit our edible garden located between Royce and McGregor halls, or volunteer to help out on a work night. You can also help yourself to produce once it has been harvested and put in the garden kiosk. Please do not harvest produce from this garden.

There are also "mini edible gardens" located around campus. Please DO help yourself to produce from the mini-gardens!

Learn more about our edible gardens.

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