The University of Wisconsin-Platteville is excited to have our students, faculty, and staff return to our campuses in fall 2020. In order to ensure the health of our university community, many safety measures have been enacted. While this site is not intended to be an all-encompassing list, it provides an overview of some of the higher-profile measures you will find on our campuses.

For the latest information regarding the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and the coronavirus please visit the news website.

COVID-19 Updates

Be Safe. Be Strong. Be Pioneers.

Pioneer Promise

The health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff are of the highest importance to us. This fall, all students at UW-Platteville are asked to show their respect to their fellow classmates by signing the Pioneer Promise. Show your respect today, sign the Pioneer Promise.

How to sign

The Pioneer Promise will be available in PASS starting on August 5. Before you are able to view your booklist, you’ll be prompted to accept the Pioneer Promise within the Textbook Rental Agreement.

Every UW-Platteville community member is responsible for their actions and the impact they have on the overall spread of COVID-19.  It is up to each of us to commit to contributing to the health and safety of our campus, and the greater Platteville community.  As such, all students at UW-Platteville are required to acknowledge their agreement with the following pledge as a condition of their return to campus this academic year.

The Pioneer Promise:

As a student at UW-Platteville, I pledge to:


  • Correctly wear a properly fitting face covering in all public spaces and buildings including instructional spaces such as classrooms, labs and studios. (Accommodations must be approved for those unable to do so)
  • Monitor myself for any symptoms of COVID-19
    • Fever (temperature of 100.4 or greater)
    • Chills or shaking chills
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Body aches
    • Headache
    • Sore throat
    • Runny nose
    • Loss of smell/taste
  • Stay home if I am feeling ill with symptoms of COVID-19 or any other illness
  • Follow all the University isolation/quarantine COVID-19 protocol upon positive test or exposure notification
  • Comply with all medical recommendations
  • Participate and comply with contact tracing protocols


  • Properly wash my hands and use hand sanitizer often
  • Practice proper cough etiquette as defined by the Centers for Disease Control
  • Practice physical distancing, in both indoor and outdoor spaces, including when entering and exiting buildings
  • Participate in cleaning expectations of personal and shared spaces
  • Follow specific guidance on seating and furniture use in classrooms and other shared spaces
  • Follow guidelines and protocols outlined in course syllabi specific to classroom expectations, particularly for in-person learning
  • Limit my attendance and/or hosting of gatherings, including student organizations, to be in compliance with University and local guidelines
  • Follow University restriction of hosting guests on campus
  • Comply with and remain informed of University and local policies, postings, and University updates related to COVID-19


  • Make efforts to be part of the solution and recognize that, as more is learned about COVID-19, I will need to adapt to support the overall health and safety of all Pioneers
  • Treat my peers, faculty, and staff with respect, and I will not participate, promote, or allow my own bias to impede the access and opportunity of others in my Pioneer Community
  • Understand that the University may be required to make exceptions to the safety measures for certain individuals or situations
  • Recognize that there will be consequences for intentional and/or repeated violations of these expectations
  • Become familiar with University resources and seek assistance to support myself and others during this challenging time

Furthermore, by signing the pledge, I acknowledge the risks and am agreeing to take certain precautions to protect my own health and the health of the campus community.  I understand that despite all reasonable efforts by the university I can still contract COVID-19.

Health, Safety and Well Being

Face Coverings/Masks

  • UW-Platteville is requiring all faculty, staff, students, and visitors to wear face coverings in all university buildings, including classrooms, pursuant to Board of Regents policy (except for those individuals with approved medical accommodations).
  • Face coverings will also be required outside when physical distancing is difficult to maintain.

Treating Illnesses

  • UW-Platteville has a comprehensive plan for safely testing students and places to isolate any students who test positive.

Respiratory Clinics

  • At the Platteville campus, a respiratory clinic complements standard Student Health Services Clinic in Royce Hall.
  • At the Baraboo Sauk County and Richland campuses, community health agencies are available to connect students to timely medical care.

Academic Instruction

Class Schedules

  • UW-Platteville will offer a variety of ways to safely deliver classes this fall, including face-to-face classes in physical distance-adjusted classrooms, online, and a hybrid of the two. The type of delivery is now available in students’ PASS accounts and in Schedule Builder.
  • Although face-to-face courses will not be offered after the Thanksgiving break, students will be allowed to return to campus for all student services, support, dining, and living accommodations.
  • View the Academic Calendar for additional details.

Fall 2020 Academic Schedule 

Classes begin September 2, 2020
Fall break (no classes) October 16, 2020
Thanksgiving break November 26-27, 2020
Online delivery November 30-December 18, 2020
Last day of classes December 11, 2020
Final exams December 14-18, 2020

Academic Support

  • Tutoring and writing help will be available to students both virtually and in-person.
  • Students will be enrolled in a Canvas course providing information about learning in online or blended/hybrid environments.
  • Students can request an academic coach to assist them in adapting their study skills or time management strategies for their courses.

Housing and Dining

Residence Halls

A residence hall is a community living environment which relies on the responsibility of each resident to do their part in keeping the space safe and healthy. The health of our communities relies on YOUR ability to take action in preventing the spread of sickness. Below are some of the expectations we have for residents as they move in and join the UW-Platteville main campus community.

  • FACE COVERINGS: Students are expected to wear face coverings when outside of their room, as well as most locations on campus. 
  • GUESTS: Residence Halls will have limited visitation. Students will be allowed to have visitors from other halls, but not outside of the residence hall system (off campus guests).
  • RESTROOMS: Bathroom and shower areas will be cleaned and sanitized each day, multiple times. Toilet and shower areas have partitions that allow for natural social distancing, but students will be asked to monitor how many individuals are in an area at a given time. Sinks in restrooms will have every other sink turned off and blocked to allow for distancing guidelines. Students are suggested to utilized shower caddies and shower shoes to mitigate risk. 
  • GENERAL/COMMON AREAS: General/Common areas will remain open, but furniture will be configured to allow for social distancing. Certain areas will be locked off due to the nature of the space. Areas that are unable to be locked or reconfigured will be blocked off with caution tape. Custodial/Residence Life staff will work to sanitize high touch surfaces multiple times per day. Students will also have access to wipes and hand sanitizer in the lobby and other areas.
  • WATER BOTTLE FILLING STATIONS: Water bottle fillers will remain open, however the fountain/bubbler mechanism will be shut off. 
  • KITCHENS: Kitchens will remain open. Custodial staff will continue to clean and sanitize kitchens daily. Students will also be expected to clean up after themselves with provided supplies and directions. Kitchens will have limits of how many individuals may be present at one time. 

The branch campus residence halls are run through independent foundations, which will have safety measures enacted as well.

Dining Services

Enhanced protocols have been implemented for cleaning and sanitizing our dining facilities, including the following:

  • Reinforcing sanitation with employees including handwashing, wearing and changing gloves.
  • Sanitizing tables after each guest and cleaning high-contact areas every two hours.
  • Staff will stay home if ill.
  • Temperature checks and wellness questionnaires will be completed daily.
  • All staff will wear proper fitting face masks.
  • Additional hand sanitizer will be added in all locations.
  • Physical distancing measures will be used throughout all dining areas.
  • Cashless operations will be used, which will reduce the register transactions times to under 10 seconds.
  • Plexiglass will be installed at all registers.
  • Grab-and-go options will be increased at alternate dining locations and salad bars, soup, bakery, and buffets will be available in a modified full-service format. Self-serve stations will no longer be available.


Tuition and Fees

  • Tuition charges are based on a set rate per credit from the Board of Regents. As long as you are earning credit, you will be charged that rate times the number of credits you are earning, regardless of the mode of delivery (face-to-face, online, or hybrid).
  • Tuition charges are still based on residency, even for online and hybrid courses. Wisconsin taxpayers subsidize the education of Wisconsin residents and therefore, non-residents and international students are required to pay a higher rate to cover the cost of the education.
  • Segregated Fees Part A will be charged, even for online and hybrid courses. Segregated fees are mostly based on access and not based on actual usage of the facilities or services. For example, you are being provided access to Health Services, even though you may not be using their services. Because it is open to all students, all students share in the cost of Health Services and similar offerings.
  • Visit the Cashier's Office for additional Frequently Asked Questions.

Financial Relief

  • Financial relief due to hardships related to the COVID-19 pandemic may be available. 
  • The CARES Act Grants, and Pioneers Helping Pioneers are two examples of possible relief funds.
  • Students with a PASS balance below $1000 can register for future terms.

Safe Community

Emotional Well Being

  • University Counseling Services encourages students to take action to cope effectively with the anxiety and sadness that may accompany this disruption to our everyday lives.
  • Review these COVID-19 resources to learn how you can best manage your feelings and responses.

Tips for Safe Socializing

  • Online workout groups, virtual watch parties, or catching up with friends over Zoom are all ways to stay connected with friends. It's the next best thing right now — even if it might take some adjusting.
  • Low-risk ways to socialize are important because coming into close contact with people who don't live with you increases your risk of being exposed to the new coronavirus.
  • In general, any activity that allows you to keep a social distance of at least six feet (two meters) from others is lower-risk. There are many activities you can enjoy outdoors while socializing, including:
    • Walking, running, and hiking
    • Rollerblading and biking
    • Fishing and hunting
    • Golfing, kayaking, and boating
    • Fitness classes held outside, that allow distance
  • Wearing a cloth mask while exercising outdoors is not mandated, but it is a good idea to have one if you can't maintain space from others.

Campus Involvement

  • UW-Platteville has many students organizations (including interest-based, academic, service, career, and faith based) that will be taking creative measures to stay connected online, through social media, or outdoors while maintaining physical distancing.

Respect and Civility

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville denounces all acts of hate and bias, especially recent events related to COVID-19, and continues to work towards fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion.  The institution encourages everyone to support, respect, and uplift one another during this undoubtedly difficult time.

  • Refrain from stereotyping. It is easy to blame people, when blaming a virus doesn’t do justice to our frustration and worry. Keep yourself and others accountable.
  • Understand that other populations are at-risk for discrimination or heightened impact during COVID-19, such as LGBTQ+ folks, people with disabilities, individuals with underlying health conditions, undocumented individuals, people with children, low-income folks, people of color, persons of different generations, and more. 
  • Recognize that hate and bias can happen intentionally or unintentionally through virtual platforms methods such as comments, direct messages, conversations, course content, posts, blogs, phone calls, and more.
  • If you or someone you know has been a victim of hate or bias for any reason, please consider filing a bias incident form. A team of professionals from across campus reviews every report submitted and follows up accordingly, using a victim-centered approach. Visit University Bias Team for additional details.

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville asks its campus communities to commit to upholding our institutional values and spreading compassion and care.