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Announcements in May

May 29, 2020

Updates on furloughs

On May 6, Chancellor Dennis J. Shields announced three levels of furloughs to help combat the approximate $6.2 million revenue loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. The consecutive days and the work reductions furloughs are already underway, and the intermittent furlough plans for all employees during 2020-21 are being finalized. Chancellor Shields is engaging the shared governance leaders with the final scenarios and plans to provide a campus-wide announcement sharing the plan with all staff and faculty next week.

The UW-Platteville Furlough Program Guidelines are published on the Human Resources website. 

May 25, 2020

Chancellor Shields' message to the university community

The safety and well-being of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville community has been and will continue to be at the forefront of all our decisions regarding the COVID-19. I write today to inform you that the Grant County Public Health Department notified us that a member of the UW-Platteville community has a confirmed case of COVID-19.

  • The individual’s name is not being released in accordance with HIPAA rules.
  • This individual will remain quarantined under Grant County Public Health Department guidelines until their officials have cleared the individual.
  • The Grant County Public Health Department will notify students, faculty, and staff who may have been had direct contact or exposure with the individual as warranted.
  • Those notified should contact their primary care provider for guidance.
  • Affected physical spaces will receive deep cleaning consistent with public health guidelines.

Appropriate precautions are being taken to keep the students who are staying on campus and the essential employees working on-site safe. 

It is important to remember to exercise caution regarding the information you may see on social media. The Grant County Public Health Department, in conjunction with the Wisconsin State Department of Health, provides the only official quarantine measures for COVID-19. All university updates will continue to be posted at https://www.uwplatt.edu/news/update-coronavirus.

I urge you to continue practicing good hygiene as well as social distancing in order to minimize spread of this virus. Stay safe and remain well!


Chancellor Dennis J. Shields

May 18, 2020

Provost Joanne Wilson message to faculty and staff

We are entering the final stretch of this unusual semester!  I know this has been an adjustment for all of us.  I want to thank you again for all that you have done to ensure our students’ success.  To turn classes, advising, counseling, tutoring and other important services to alternative delivery in a short two weeks was truly a remarkable effort.

The first message  is a resolution passed by Faculty Senate (see May 12 for full resolution). This was in response to the Student Senate request to change finals week.  This resolution was written by Travis Nelson, Jeff Huebschman, Katie Kalish and Andy Pawl.   It was approved by Faculty Senate.  Subsequently, Travis Nelson and Irfan Ul-Haq took this to Student Senate.   Note that the request to delay the completion of final grades until Monday, June 1, has been approved by Registrar Kieckhafer and myself.  (Grades will be due on June 1 at 8 am)

The second document (listed below) is an outline of the discipline process. Unfortunately we did have students that did not follow instructions and found other means to solve their exam questions.  For you that are pursuing discipline for these reasons, we thought it a good idea to provide you this process.  The Dean of Students office is willing to assist with discipline, but we are hoping that these issues can be resolved at the department or dean level.   It is unfortunate that we have to address these issues at this time.  I would point out that while this has been an issue for some faculty, I believe that the majority of our students have given their assignments, projects, and exams their very best effort.  The saying that we spend 95% of our time on 5% of the people comes to mind at this time.

In closing, thank you again for your patience and hard work this semester. 

And one last reminder that final grades must be posted on June 1 at 8 a.m.!

Be safe.


Outline of discipline process

As the campus navigates the challenges of alternative delivery, discussions around encouraging academic integrity and holding students accountable for violations of academic misconduct have been on the rise. As such, we wanted to remind everyone how to initiate the academic misconduct process and what resources are available to instructors.

If an instructor suspects academic misconduct, they will need to set up a time to discuss the alleged misconduct with the student. The next step in the process is dictated by the instructor’s decision of responsibility and recommend sanction.

  • If the instructor determines the student is not responsible no further action is needed.
  • If the instructor determines a student is responsible and wants to sanction an oral reprimand, written reprimand presented only to the student, or assign the student to repeat the work, they can do so without writing a formal report.
  • If the instructor determines a student is responsible and wishes to lower the grade of the assignment or fail the assignment, lower the student’s course grade, or give a failing grade for the course, a formal report* needs to be written. This report needs to be mailed to the student, and e-mailed to the Dean of Students Office, student’s advisor, Registrar, and dean of the college.
  • If an instructor determines a student is responsible and would like to remove the student from the course, have a written reprimand included in the student’s file, recommend disciplinary probation, suspension, or expulsion, the instructor would need to write a report and forward it to the Dean of Students Office for a further investigation.

For additional information on the academic misconduct process please review UWS Chapter 14.

*The Dean of Students Office has created a template of the formal report required.  This document is attached to this email.

A few other helpful tips as you navigate this process:

  • The first step of the process is to conference with the student about the suspicions of academic misconduct.  This can be via Zoom, over the phone, etc.  If the student is not responsive to this request to conference, set a hard deadline for the conference to occur and communicate that if the conference does not happen by this time, you will make a decision without the value of the student's input.
  • The more specific the you are in describing the alleged misconduct, (evidence, etc) the easier it is for the student to understand.  This may also reduce the number of cases appealed.
  • If the sanction has the potential to impact the student's final grade, and the appeal window overlaps when grades are due, it is recommended that you give the student an INC in the class until the full process plays out.  This is easier than a change of grade, should an appeal happen.

Please note that UWS Chapter 14 requires all reports/letters to students be either hand delivered or sent via US Mail.  If faculty do not have the ability to send this document via US Mail, please inform the Dean of Students Office and we will take care of this step for you.  It is still your responsibility to email the report/letter to the student.

For questions about how to proceed with an instance of academic misconduct in your course, please first consult with your department chair or the dean of your college. If you have additional questions about the academic misconduct process, you can further consult with the Dean of Students Office at 608.342.1854 or deanofstudents@uwplatt.edu.

 Thank you all for the work you continue to do during these unprecedented times.

May 18, 2020

Student Body President Ben Behlke message to fellow students

If we have not yet had the opportunity to meet, my name is Ben Behlke and I am the Student Body President of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. I would first like to say, it is okay to be scared and frustrated. This is a time like never before in our lives. More people are faced with financial burdens and mental health issues like they have never experienced. It is a time filled with high anxiety and concerning uncertainties. Many have lost summer employment, and many will continue to feel the impacts of this pandemic for years to come. 

But in this time of great darkness, there is still light. The overwhelming support for the men and women on the front lines during this pandemic has been inspiring. The ability of our student body to convert to alternative delivery for our classes, and overcoming the challenges that come with it, and the ability to adapt to the continual rapid changes of the pandemic, is nothing short of amazing. This is told to the student body a lot, but from my position, I hear and feel the struggles that many of you feel, and to still come out on top of many of these challenges both big and small is inspiring to see. 

As we near the end of the current semester, I would like to send my greatest congratulations to the graduating class of 2020. The current situation should not stop you from feeling proud of all that you have accomplished and the rich legacy each one of you will leave at the university.  

To the continuing students, finish strong. I am sure many of you are looking forward to this whirlwind of a semester to be over, but we are in the final stretch. Be sure to study and make sure you check in with your professors if you are in need of special accommodations, due to any unique circumstances you may be facing, and be sure to know how each final exam will be administered. I wish you the best of luck during this time. 

As we head into the summer, be sure to read university updates and if you are feeling a great financial burden, please feel free to apply for an emergency grant. At our university, the program is called “Pioneers Help Pioneers”.  They can assist with your current rental payment so you can maintain your housing, help to pay for your internet bill so that you can access online delivery of coursework, help to purchase some much-needed groceries and hygiene products, help to purchase a current medication or prescription, help to make an automobile repair so that you can continue to utilize your vehicle for essential needs and assist with the payment of this month’s utility bills. Take advantage of this if you run into financial burdens over the course of the summer. Here is the current link for the grant program https://campus.uwplatt.edu/campus-climate/pioneers-helping-pioneers.

Lastly, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Student Senate is here for you. Our email is ssenate@uwplatt.edu. If you have any issues or concerns talk to us and let us know how we can help. We are here to serve as your voice during this uncertain time. No matter how big or small it may be, you letting us know will help us in serving you. Feel free to like and message us on Facebook as well for more updates from us. We are hoping to be as transparent as we can through the summer months so liking us on Facebook will allow you to receive the updates as soon as possible. 

Thank you all, and I hope you are staying safe and well. 

May 15, 2020

Commencement recognition pages

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville salutes all of its 2020 spring and summer candidates for graduation! Each campus has put together special commencement recognition sites to honor our graduates. Once it is safe to do so, we plan to host an in-person celebration. 

The UW-Platteville campus page features a video tribute along with a PDF of all our candidates' names. That site is at  https://www.uwplatt.edu/204commencement

Our branch campus celebrations are at:

May 14, 2020

A Message from the Chancellor

Yesterday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ended Gov. Tony Evers' Safer at Home edict and as a result, many businesses opened up immediately.

At the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, the health, safety and well-being of our students, faculty and staff continue to be at the forefront of our decisions.  Currently, our campus is operating remotely with limited staff on campus to minimize any unnecessary risk to the health or safety of our campus community while still delivering educational content to our students through alternative methods.

In light of the court’s decision, we will develop a plan as to how, when and under what conditions we should allow employees to return to campus safely and effectively. This decision will be made in consultation with our local public health officials.

We will continue to have thoughtful and deliberate conversations regarding the health and safety of UW-Platteville. While we would all like to be together as soon as possible, that won't happen until we can ensure the safest possible environment for all.

Be Strong, Be Safe, Be Pioneers.


Chancellor Dennis J. Shields

May 12, 2020

Platteville's M to be be lit blue tonight

Southwest Health and UW-Platteville are lighting the M blue tonight in support of the health care industry dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The M will be turned blue, with lighting equipment donated by Scott Implement, at dusk tonight through 10:30 p.m.

The World's Largest M measures 214 by 241 feet and was constructed in 1937 by students from the mining school. That school merged with the teacher's college in 1959 to form what is now known as UW-Platteville.

May 6-12 is National Nurses Week, while May 10-16 is National Hospital Week. Please join us in saluting those who are leading the health response to COVID-19.

May 12, 2020

A message from Provost Joanne Wilson to students

Dear UW-Platteville Students,

We are currently in our last week of what would have been your face-to-face classes.  I know that there have been many bumps along this journey.  There are so many things I would like to acknowledge about this semester.   You have responded to everything as well as can be expected.  Yes, things weren’t always perfect and I hope you have learned that you are able to advocate for yourselves.   You should never be afraid to speak up and ask the appropriate questions.  Members of the Academic Affairs team have reached out to many of you in the past weeks, and we have done our best to rectify a difficult situation that you may have found yourself in.  I am extremely proud of our students and their successes this semester.  Likewise, I am proud of the faculty who have also done their best to teach you.

As we move forward, know that we are doing our best to plan what the subsequent semesters will look like.  We maintain student success at the core of our planning. As the Chancellor stated in his campus email Monday afternoon, we are working on different scenarios that will depend on where we are with this pandemic. 

  • Scenario 1: Face-to-face with normal or late start date after ensuring living and learning spaces meet all safety guidelines established by our local, state and national guidelines.
  • Scenario 2:  Completely alternative delivery with late start to allow for two weeks of training for students, faculty and staff to maximize the educational experience.

In addition, there are a few other things I would like to address as you move forward through this week and finals week.  

Final Projects and Exams

Below you will find the Faculty Senate resolution regarding final projects and finals week.  After the faculty senate approved this document, the faculty presented this to Student Senate as well.  The paragraph that is most important to you as a student states the following:

“Given the special circumstances of the semester, and recognizing that many students have limited flexibility in their schedules, we ask faculty and staff to offer students more time to complete and submit final projects and exams than would be required in an on-campus setting and to refrain from including any material on a final exam that was not adequately covered in class. The logistics of a final exam week in alternative delivery also leads us to strongly encourage faculty and staff to, if at all possible, reduce the length of their final exam compared to a typical semester and to be prepared to offer reasonable accommodations to students who communicate scheduling issues in advance. Individual instructors may also determine whether they want to make a final assessment optional, convert a cumulative final to a non-cumulative exam, or offer other alternatives to a traditional final. In order to accommodate as much individual flexibility as possible, we ask the provost and registrar’s office to consider extending the deadline for final grades submission to June 1, 2020.“

I encourage you to communicate with your faculty this week about the expectations that they have regarding the final projects and exams that they are asking you to complete.  Their expectations for the following two weeks should be clearly identified for you. And the request for a later date for final grade submission has been approved by Registrar Kieckhafer and myself.



I am extremely sad that we will not be holding commencement exercises this weekend.  As many of you might know, this was to be the last set of commencement exercises that I would emcee, as I am retiring at the end of June.  Commencement is always my favorite day, and this day was to be even more special spent with all of you.

Recently we sent a survey to the campus community asking for opinions on what we should do to recognize our graduates.  The most common response was that you wanted a ceremony, with a REAL stage, that you could enjoy with your family and friends.  We are going to do our best to honor your request for a real ceremony.  We expect that this might be scheduled for late Fall, as we will know more about the social distancing restrictions which should be followed. 

In place of the ceremonies this weekend, we intend to post a website dedicated to recognizing you as May and August graduates.  The Chancellor will say a few words as will I and ALL of the names of those of you intending to graduate will be listed on the website.  We will provide a link so that each of you can provide picture(s) of you celebrating your commencement. We intend to create a video with all of these pictures and that video will be posted later in June. 

Those of you that provided an address in the survey, we are working on that project and hope to have it completed as soon as possible.  This has turned out to be a bit bigger endeavor than we had projected, and we are waiting for a few shipped items to arrive at the university before we can complete the project.  Please note that we are only sending this package to those graduates that asked us for this delivery. 

Provide Information to Us

Soon you will be asked to provide your feedback on alternative delivery. This survey will be about your overall educational experience and differs from in-course evaluations that some of your instructors may require.  When asked to respond to the survey, please answer the questions about your overall experience in your classes since Spring Break.  We will use this information to help us improve your learning experiences in the future.  

As I close, I want to ask that you continue to complete your courses and give them your best effort. Please know that the campus community is doing its best to support you.  We are hopeful that we will be able to see you in a face to face environment in the fall semester.  

Please be safe.



May 12, 2020

Faculty Senate Resolution



This memo is in response to the portion of the Student Senate Covid-19 Academic Resolution (sponsored by Senator Ciesla) requesting that students be allowed to opt out of final assessments and projects and that due dates for final assessments and projects be extended to 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 22, 2020.  Other important aspects of this resolution have been addressed by the provost and deans.

We certainly recognize that students are under extraordinary and diverse pressures in these challenging times and have worked very hard to adapt to the particular challenges of alternative delivery instruction. Despite the significant concerns outlined in the Student Senate resolution, the student body has demonstrated remarkable persistence, responsibility, flexibility, and resilience and has, in most cases, engaged positively and productively in newly-structured courses.  Faculty and instructional staff have worked similarly hard to quickly restructure their courses and instructional methods and have, in most cases, done their best to accommodate student needs as much as possible.

Because we value academic freedom and the rights of faculty and instructional staff to make decisions about student learning, pedagogy, and assessment, we do not support a broad policy of optional final assessments and projects.  Such assessments and projects are often essential to the integrative and reflective parts of student learning.  And the content covered in these assessments and projects is often vital for next-step courses or as preparation for pre-professional tracks.  Similarly, a universal extension of final assessment and project due dates to May 22 is likely to have unintended scheduling and other consequences for both students and faculty/staff.

Given the special circumstances of the semester, and recognizing that many students have limited flexibility in their schedules, we ask faculty and staff to offer students more time to complete and submit final projects and exams than would be required in an on-campus setting and to refrain from including any material on a final exam that was not adequately covered in class.  The logistics of a final exam week in alternative delivery also leads us to strongly encourage faculty and staff to, if at all possible, reduce the length of their final exam compared to a typical semester and to be prepared to offer reasonable accommodations to students who communicate scheduling issues in advance.  Individual instructors may also determine whether they want to make a final assessment optional, convert a cumulative final to a non-cumulative exam, or offer other alternatives to a traditional final.  In order to accommodate as much individual flexibility as possible, we ask the provost and registrar’s office to consider extending the deadline for final grades submission to June 1, 2020. 

Finally, we invite students to communicate regularly with their instructors and, when necessary, department chairs – especially if they are having academic or other difficulties.  It is very important that we as a UW-Platteville community continue to support each other and to help our students learn and thrive. 


                                             APPROVED BY FACULTY SENATE APRIL 28, 2020


May 11, 2020

A message from Chancellor Dennis J. Shields


As we begin the final week of classes this semester, I offer my sincerest appreciation for all you have done during this unprecedented time in our history. Your willingness and ability to adapt have been nothing short of remarkable. I have been thoroughly impressed with our entire university community during this time. You truly are why every day is a great day to be a Pioneer.

Congratulations to our graduating seniors. I will miss shaking your hands and celebrating with you this weekend. It is important that we reschedule your ceremony so we have that opportunity.  

Congratulations and thank you as well to our faculty and staff who are retiring after this academic year. We plan to have a retirement party for you when we are all together face-to-face again.

For those who are returning this fall, I assure you that we are working on different scenarios that will depend on where we are with this pandemic. 

  • Scenario 1: Face-to-face with normal or late start date after ensuring living and learning spaces meet all safety guidelines established by our local, state and national guidelines.
  • Scenario 2:  Completely alternative delivery with late start to allow for two weeks of training for students, faculty and staff to maximize the educational experience.

I know it is everyone’s preference, including mine, to return to face-to-face classes as soon as possible, but your safety and well-being have been–and will continue to be­–at the forefront of all our decisions. If all 7,000+ students, faculty and staff are back in close contact on a daily basis, and there is an outbreak, we could overwhelm our healthcare facilities. That is why we as a university have acted with such careful and deliberate methods in assessing the feasibility of this situation. We have a responsibility to you and to the entire Tri-State area.

We will continue to assess the ever-changing situation and would like to have a decision around July 1 so we can all be prepared for the fall.

Thank you again for your commitment to the UW-Platteville educational experience.

Be Safe. Be Strong. Be Pioneers.


Chancellor Dennis J. Shields

May 6, 2020

Chancellor's message regarding budget, furloughs

Over the past two months, our campus and communities have endured many changes and challenges as we face the COVID-19 pandemic. The way in which we deliver a world-class education and services to our students, and the way in which this university runs day-to-day has been transformed. I want to thank each and every one of you for your flexibility and commitment during these unprecedented times.

Prior to the pandemic, UW-Platteville was facing a budgetary shortfall of $8.2 million including branch campuses. The effects of COVID-19 on this campus has resulted in an additional revenue loss of $6.5 million through summer 2020, and we will continue to feel the effects of the pandemic for much longer.

We have received approximately $4.8 million in federal assistance; 50% of these dollars must be used for the sole purpose of providing emergency financial aid grants to students, and 50% may be used to cover costs associated with significant changes to the delivery of instruction due to the coronavirus and refunds to students. Additionally, Governor Evers has directed state entities to reduce their spending by 5% by July 1, 2020 which equates to a reduction of approximately $1.4 million in our current fiscal year’s spending.

The university has been engaged in budget planning and reduction activities for the past several months. The current crisis increased those efforts.  Some immediate actions we took to control current and future costs included:

  • Voluntary Separation Incentive Program (VSIP)
  • Freezing travel and limiting non-essential expenses
  • Reducing or rotating staff in areas where services have been reduced or eliminated
  • Limiting recruitment and hiring with increased approval processes
  • Redoubling our efforts to increase enrollment

Unfortunately, we must take additional short-term steps to address the ongoing financial challenges including the implementation of a furlough program at UW-Platteville. The furlough program will consist of three phases: 1.) consecutive furlough, 2.) temporary work reduction furlough, and 3.) intermittent furlough. The decision to implement a furlough program did not come easy, and I thank everyone who participated in the employee survey which helped to shape the design of this program.

Beginning May 18, approximately 70 UW-Platteville employees of operational units where services or workload has been reduced or eliminated due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be placed on consecutive day furloughs of up to three months. A consecutive day furlough is assigned in full-day increments for a continuous period of time with a defined start and end date; dates may differ by operational unit. Employees identified for a consecutive day furlough will be notified by their supervisor or manager and by a letter mailed to their home address 7 days prior to the first day of the furlough. 

Employees may not utilize any paid leave benefit on a day the employee is assigned to a consecutive day furlough; however, they are eligible for apply for unemployment benefits. Estimated savings from the consecutive leave program may reach $500,000.

Some employees will be placed on temporary work reduction furlough beginning around May 18. A temporary work reduction (TWR) furlough assignment reduces the FTE percentage of an employee’s appointment for a continuous period of time with a defined start and end date. Leaders are currently working to identify staff for whom this may be an option, and implementation dates and length of TWR furlough assignments will vary. Employees will receive at least 7 days’ notice prior to the start of the TWR, and they will also be eligible to apply for unemployment. Reach out to your supervisor if you feel a temporary work reduction may be an option for you.

Finally, we will be implementing an intermittent furlough program for all employee classifications from July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021. Thank you again to all of you who completed the employee furlough survey. Your input has been instrumental in developing several financial models currently in consideration. Details on the intermittent furlough program are still being finalized.   The Chancellor intends to make a final decision by the end of the month.

The UW-Platteville Furlough Program Guidelines have been published on the Human Resources website and will be updated upon finalization of the intermittent furlough details. Additionally, I invite you to review the UW System Administrative Policy 1200-Interim 04: Furlough which establishes the guidelines for institutional furlough program development.

I recognize that this is a stressful and challenging time for all of you, and it is a lot to ask our campus community to participate in a furlough program. I am confident that these efforts, along with increased budget planning and reduction activities to create a sustainable budget model, will ensure that we are able to provide a world-class education for generations to come. 

Thank you again for all that you do. It is because of you that every day is a great day to be a Pioneer!

Dennis J. Shields



May 5, 2020

Commencement update

It is the University of Wisconsin-Platteville's full intention to have our spring 2020 graduates walk across the stage at some point. Our graduates have earned that right, and we are anxious to set a new commencement date, once we know when public gatherings will be safe again. For the main campus students, please watch for an announcement about a special web site that will go live on May 14 to recognize those who are graduating. Similar recognition sites or videos will be communicated to branch campus graduates as well as online graduates

Be Safe. Be Strong. Be Pioneers.

Announcements in April

April 30, 2020

WiFi connections
We are aware that some of you are struggling with reliable WiFi connections. For those in the Platteville area, we encourage you to use the university WiFi in the Karrmann Library parking lot for large downloads or uploads. Your university login and password will still be needed. If you are taking advantage of the stronger university WiFi connections in the parking lot, please remember to still use proper social distancing.
For those near the Richland and Baraboo Sauk County campuses and across Wisconsin, the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Wisconsin provides information on public internet resources in your local communities at https://psc.wi.gov/Pages/Programs/BroadbandEmergencyInternetResources.aspx

April 28, 2020

Return of UW-Platteville Items (textbooks, equipment, instruments, materials, etc.) at UW-Platteville Main Campus

(Branch campus students please note: similar information is being compiled and will be sent for UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County and UW-Platteville Richland.)

We hope you are doing well during these times. We also want to wish you well as we approach the end of the semester. With the semester soon coming to a close, we understand that students may want to take care of as much as possible while they are moving out of their Residence Halls or Off-Campus housing.  So, all students may drop off items belonging to the University (textbooks, lab equipment, instruments, etc.), this weekend, May 1st , 2nd , and 3rd and on May 28, 28, 30, or the 31st from the hours of 8AM-8PM.  

The drop-off location will be located in Ullsvik Hall, Velzy Commons.  Ullsvik Hall will be completely secured, except for the large bank of doors found on the Hickory St. side of the building, which will be the entrance for drop off.  To stay consistent with Grant County Health and CDC guidelines, UW-Platteville will provide social distancing by only allowing a maximum of thirty students in Velzy at one time.  There will be an employee at the entrance that will authorize you to enter in the facility.  We are encouraging social distancing outside the facility as well.  Masks/face-coverings will not be provided, but UW-Platteville strongly encourages you to bring your own PPE. 

This is a drop-off only.  Students will be expected to find the appropriate labeled table to drop their items off and leave immediately, through the doors marked “Exit”.  Textbooks and equipment will be “checked-in” at a later date   

On-time textbook due date has been extended to June 12.  

A two-week late fee period will follow: 

  • June 12, after 4 pm – June 19 4 pm                           $3 per book 

  • June 19, after 4 pm – June 26 4pm                            $5 per book 

  • After June 26 4pm, Spring textbooks will not be accepted and will be charged the full amount to student PASS accounts.  

UW-Platteville prefers that for safety reasons textbooks and other items be mailed, at student expense, to:  

    • “Enter Department Name” for example Textbook Center 
      University of Wisconsin-Platteville 
      1 University Plaza 
      Platteville, WI 53818 

    • Use the US Postal Service “Media Mail”, it is tracked and the most affordable rate.  Please see USPS Media Mail Rates. 

      • Media Mail is defined as: recordings, books, scripts, DVDs, CDs, etc 

  • Textbooks may also be dropped off at the Textbook Center drop box or Karrmann Library drop boxes. All drop boxes are available 24/7.  Student identification on textbooks is not required at drop off.   

  • For oversized or very sensitive items please contact your instructor to make arrangements. 

For those students in need of picking up property in university buildings, it is recommended that you contact your instructor to make those arrangements.

Please note that we will continue to confer with county and state officials regarding the safety of completing a check out.  The above dates are subject to change, and you will be notified if they do. 

April 23, 2020

New Student Registration to utilize virtual format

For the health and safety of our campus communities, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville will be transitioning to a virtual format for summer 2020 New Student Registration.

Even though New Student Registration is going to be a bit different than originally planned, the university is  committed to offering a personalized, engaging experience online for incoming freshmen and families. All students will have their own Success Team to answer questions and provide guidance along the way, as they learn about important resources, connect with the campus community, register for classes and prepare for the fall semester.

Additional information about NSR and placement testing will also be sent directly to the incoming students in the near future. For questions, please contact Academic Support Programs at 608.342.1081 or academicsupport@uwplatt.edu. In the meantime, Be Safe. Be Strong. Be Pioneers.

April 22, 2020

Drop deadline extended, fee waived

The drop classes deadline has been extended until the last day of classes. Students now have until 4 p.m. on May 15 to officially drop a course. The drop fee has been waived for this semester as well.

Resources for all three campus

Single sites with links to helpful resources during this semester have now been developed for all three campuses.

Travel update

All university travel by air is suspended through at least Aug. 1 (previously the university announced the suspension through May 31). In addition, all travel by land for university-related business must be approved in advance by the applicable divisional leader. 

April 22, 2020

Parking refunds for main campus

UW-Platteville has been working to develop a plan to refund students and employees for unused time for parking on the main campus parking lots, due to COVID-19.

The University Police Department will be refunding students and employees that have purchased either an annual or a spring semester parking permit, a percentage of the total amount paid.  This percentage is based off the time left, and the original purchase price of the permit.

Should students or employees have any questions, please feel free to email us at police@uwplatt.edu.

For students, University Police will work with the Cashier’s Office to process the adjustments. This may result in a refund.  Refunds for these adjustments will be initiated on April 21, 2020 and you should start to see them in your bank accounts around April 24, 2020. Make sure you’ve set up your BankMobile preferences.

For employees that paid through payroll deduction, the refunds will appear on a future paycheck.  (Monthly on the May 1st check and bi-weekly on the May 7th check)

For employees that paid directly, the refunds will be issued through a paper check and mailed to the address on file.

The university has previously sent emails to those students impacted regarding refunds for dining, housing, and student work continuation.

April 20, 2020

Residence hall move-out days

To allow students to collect their belongings from the main campus residence halls and still ensure social distancing, UW-Platteville has devised a staggered schedule for April 25-26 and May 1-3.

Students vacated the residence halls on March 13 for an extended two-week spring break due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The two weeks of alternative delivery originally scheduled to follow the spring break were extended to the entire semester following Gov. Tony Evers’ Safer At Home decree. The Safer At Home order originally expired on April 24, and the edict does allow for facilitated evacuation of residence halls. This plan has been approved by the UW-Platteville Emergency Operations Center with guidance from the Grant County Health Department.

To ensure the safety and well-being of the students and staff, students have registered for different two-hour slots over the five move-out days. Only 20 students, with no more than two helpers, are scheduled per time slot per building to collect and move their belongings. In addition, the parking lots will be staffed to facilitate traffic flow and encourage social distancing.  The Centers for Disease Controls recommends social distancing of at least six feet.  Personal safety measures, such as masks, are also encouraged.

April 16, 2020

Chancellor's communication regarding furloughs

On April 16, 2020, the Board of Regents Executive Committee reviewed and approved amendments to Regent Policy Document 20-21 which authorizes UW institutions to implement furloughs.  UW System 1200 Interim 04 Policy: Furlough establishes standards for UW System institution furlough programs.   

Specifically, the Board Resolution states:

  • The University of Wisconsin System is facing increased fiscal challenges as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. As a result, the Executive Committee of the Board of Regents, under the authority granted to the Board in Wis. Stats. s. 36.115, is being asked to modify Regent Policy Document 20-21 to authorize the UW System President and the UW-Madison Chancellor to create furlough policies. The furlough policies will provide options in addition to the other workforce reduction and cost saving measures, to address these financial challenges in a way that minimizes layoffs and maximizes the UW System’s ability to continue to perform its critical educational and outreach mission. The furlough process is not a substitute for layoff, non-renewal, or termination processes as outlined in the Wisconsin Administrative code, systemwide policies, and institutional policies

Per this Resolution, the Board grants the President the authority to delegate to individual Chancellors of institutions other than UW-Madison the administration and oversight of the personnel system for all system employees (excluding UW-Madison, which has its own personnel system).

The Chancellor and Leadership Team are reviewing the UW System 1200 Interim 04 Policy in detail and will determine shortly whether to use the furlough process to address our budgetary and revenue shortfalls created by COVID-19. The Chancellor fully realizes the financial impact that a furlough or reduction in pay/work can have on our employees and will be considering this impact throughout every stage of this process. The Chancellor will be consulting with governance and other university leaders and sharing any tentative plans prior to making any final decisions on furloughs.  More information and details will be forthcoming next week. (Update: the university sent a survey to faculty and staff for input on April 23.)

April 16, 2020

COVID-19 Updates: grades, drop deadline, summer announcements

Many universities have decided to modify their grading approach for the Spring 2020 semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  After careful consideration, UW-Platteville is adjusting its grading approach through changes to a series of policies.  Students, faculty and staff are aware that a Pass/Fail option is being adopted by many other universities. The Academic Affairs team does not believe that this approach will benefit the students at UW-Platteville. The decision to provide changes to the following policies and standards will prevent students from inadvertently disadvantaging themselves at a later date in their academic career. The Provost has reviewed this plan with the Faculty and Student Senates. The Chancellor has agreed that this is the best plan for our students at this time.

Possible issues with the Pass/Fail option include students putting themselves in jeopardy for future classes, ability to meet GPA requirements for specific programs and subsequent admissions to graduate school.

Changes to policies include:

  • Extending the last day to drop to April 20 (originally scheduled for April 9)
  • Waiving the drop fee for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester
  • A note will be inserted on each student’s transcript for the Spring 2020 semester indicating that this was a semester that was interrupted by the COVID 19 pandemic
  • Leniency of the dismissal policy.
  1. For a student on first semester of final probation, if Spring 2020 term is 0.0 GPA and the student is dismissed, the student may appeal for re-entry.  If the term GPA is above 0.0—the student will be placed on standing earned or, if already on 2nd semester of final probation, will stay on final probation.
  2. A student who was on one semester dismissal and was reinstated as special student this semester: if the Spring 2020 GPA is 0.0, student is dismissed and may appeal; if the GPA earned is above 0.0, the student will be reinstated.
  3. In Fall 2019, Faculty Senate approved the change from a 2-year dismissal to a 1-year dismissal; this change will apply to Spring 2020 semester.
  4. A student currently on a two-year dismissal that has not been completed, may appeal for early reinstatement.  Currently the Registrar is not applying the new 1-year dismissal to students currently on 2-year dismissal.
  • For Spring 2020 semester, students will complete the multiple repeat form (known as the 3-peat form), but the Dean’s designee will note on the form that this course was part of the student’s course load during the Spring 2020 semester, and the grade will not count in the subsequent average of the GPA. A subsequent repeat of the course will replace the grade in the GPA. This should be noted on the form by the Dean’s designee at the time that the course is repeated.

Thank you for your patience while we considered all of the comments that were provided to us. This was an important decision that was not made lightly. UW-Platteville supports our students’ success and we believe that the changes to these policies will reduce anxiety, keep students on their track to degrees, and provide guidelines for the near future.

Summer school guidelines for faculty/staff scheduling with students

In relation to the summer schedule, to minimize course conflicts and maximize potential student participation, the following has been worked out with the registrar.

  1. Make all summer classes asynchronous on the schedule (but still consistent with session dates) allowing students to register for what they need without time conflicts. Please note that courses will be scheduled as asynchronous in the schedule, however, faculty/staff can schedule synchronous times with students. 
  2. Once the class begins the instructor can set up synchronous meeting times with students with the understanding that some students may not be able to make them due to schedule conflicts with work , internships etc.
  3. Office hours can also be scheduled with the understanding that work, internships and coops may create some conflict and some evening and weekend times may be needed.

April 15, 2020

Residence Hall and Dining Refund Information

UW-Platteville has been working closely with the UW System to develop a plan to refund students for unused time in Residence Life and Dining Meal Plans. 

Residence Life will be refunding students who lived in the residence halls and have since left, a percentage of their spring housing payment. This percentage is based off the time students left housing due to COVID-19. For most students this date calculation began on March 13, 2020.  The refund calculation excludes the originally scheduled Spring Break week.  There are no refunds being offered for loft and bike locker rentals.   Students living in Rountree Commons will receive additional refund communication from Rountree Commons facilities staff.  

Should students have any questions about residence hall specific refunds, please feel free to email us at reslife@uwplatt.edu.

Dining Services will refund the Spring 2020 meal plans based off unused spring meals and dining dollars.

If you have questions about your meal plan balance, log into e-Accounts for this information. Follow the link to the log in page https://eacct-uwplatt-sp.transactcampus.com/eaccounts/AnonymousHome.aspx. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at mao@uwplatt.edu.

Residence Life and Dining Services will work with the Cashier’s Office and those refunds will begin to appear on student’s accounts starting April 17, 2020. These refunds will not appear on accounts of students who are still residing on campus and using their meal plans during this time.  Refunds for these adjustments will be initiated on April 21, 2020 and you should start to see them in your bank accounts around April 24, 2020. Make sure you’ve set up your BankMobile preferences.

Parking refund procedures will be sent in a later email. Student workers should have already received an email from Human Resources about income continuation.

April 10, 2020

Summer Session 2020

For the safety of our students, faculty, and staff, and in order to mitigate any possible spread of COVID-19, all face-to-face classes at UW-Platteville are suspended for the 2020 summer sessions. Alternative delivery methods will be used for all three UW-Platteville campuses. 

  • Any course that was originally scheduled as an online course will run as scheduled during the previously-scheduled summer session.
  • The summer session scheduled to begin May 26 will now ONLY be used to enroll students in the co-op or internship sections scheduled for this session. No classes will be offered during this session.
  • Courses that were originally scheduled to be face-to-face will move to alternative delivery, and these courses will be offered in the summer session which is scheduled to begin on June 22.

April 9, 2020

Summer events canceled

In a cautionary and proactive move, UW-Platteville will suspend/postpone/cancel all summer in-person/face-to-face events, including camps, clinics, weddings and similar events through at least Aug. 1. This decision is made based on a concern for the health and welfare of those who would be coming to our campuses given the current status of COVID-19. This would include events on all three campuses. All spring public events have already been canceled due to the pandemic. (Clarifications and updates: no events can be held through Aug. 1; no new events can be scheduled in August; and none of the postponed spring or summer events can be rescheduled in August.)

As always, we thank you for your patience during these unprecedented events.

April 7, 2020

Resources during COVID-19 pandemic

To assist our students, faculty and staff, a one-site resource guide was compiled with all the student services available during this semester. Please visit https://uwplatt.sharepoint.com/sites/EnrollmentStudentSuccess/SitePages/Campus-Resources-for-Students-During-COVID-19

Updated building policy

In order to ensure the safest possible environments in academic buildings, UW-Platteville has updated its policies during the COVID-19 pandemic to include the following:

  • All academic buildings are locked for the remainder of the semester.
  • Faculty and staff are highly encouraged to work remotely.
  • Only employees who must be on campus to perform their work duties and/or have approval from their supervisor should be accessing buildings.
  • Faculty and staff are to only have access to the building in which they work and must use their access cards
  • All student workers must be granted appropriate access by facilities to the building in which they work.
  • Everyone who enters an academic building must sign in at the door. This will assist the facilities staff in knowing which rooms to clean.
  • Use the elevator instead of stairs. Facilities will be cleaning the elevators, not all the individual stairwells.  If an elevator is not working, please call 608.342.1155.

These steps are necessary to ensure social distancing, limited access and conservation of cleaning supplies.

Be Safe. Be Strong. Be Pioneers.

April 1, 2020

Message to university

In a cautionary and proactive move, UW-Platteville departments are training for the event of a COVID-19 case on the main campus. Facilities staff are undergoing training to properly clean an infected area, and dining services personnel are developing alternative delivery protocols.

Facilities will begin with a deep clean in an area of Ottensman Hall. An employee had been feeling ill on March 17, but did not meet Grant County Health Department recommendations for further testing. Out of an abundance of caution, that area (which has been closed since March 17) will be the first to be thoroughly sanitized, following OSHA and CDC cleaning directives.

As a reminder, if there is a suspected case of COVID-19, all people in contact with that person would be notified by the Grant County Health Department.

The university again reminds all employees if they are sick not to come to campus and follow the Centers for Disease Controls recommended guidelines.

Announcements in March

March 29, 2020

Message to the university

On Monday, UW-Platteville will resume classes, utilizing alternative delivery after two weeks of extended spring break. In doing so, we recognize that some students, faculty, and staff will be returning to the Platteville, Baraboo, and Richland Center areas for the first time since the implementation of Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers’ “safer at home” order. As members of the UW-Platteville community, we are also part of our larger communities. We remind all members of our university community of the importance of adhering to all established protective guidelines, such as keeping at least six feet apart from others, avoiding physical contact and avoiding groups larger than 10. 

Thank you and good luck with the start of alternative delivery methods during this unprecedented time.

Be safe. Be strong. Be Pioneers.

March 25, 2020

Gov. Evers' Safer at Home Order

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has issued a “safer at home” order for the state of Wisconsin effective Wednesday, March 25 at 8 a.m. until April 24. Please note that the governor has defined higher educational institutions as essential “for purposes of facilitating distance learning, performing critical research, or performing essential functions as determined by the institution.”

Be assured that UW-Platteville is prepared to continue providing those essential services to our students while at the same time practicing social distancing. Even before the order, the university has already limited the number of people on all three campuses. UW-Platteville encourages those who remain to follow the established guidelines of keeping at least six feet apart from others, avoiding physical contact and avoiding groups larger than five.

To even further reduce the amounts of interaction, the following services on the main campus have modified schedules:

  • All campus buildings remain closed except those who work in the buildings and have card access.
  • University Police will continue to provide 24/7 emergency coverage. Non-emergency calls will be handled via the phone, 608.342.1584.
  • Dining Services will work in collaboration with Residence Life to provide meals to students who remain in the residence halls. 
  • Facilities: The heating plant will operate as normal, and custodial and maintenance will downsize to a smaller, rotating crew of employees and will continue to handle maintenance requests, including an on-call status for after hours. Call 608.342.1155 for more information.
  • Residence Life: Resident Directors will remain in their respective buildings; central staff will not be on site, but will be available by Zoom or phone; and front office staff will be in the office part time. Residence hall students will receive periodic communications.
  • Pioneer Farm will continue to operate, in order to care for the 800-plus animals.
  • ITS: A minimal number of staff will work on a rotating basis in order to ensure our campus community has the necessary technical support.
  • URecord Studio and Zoom Room are available to faculty for alternative delivery by in-person appointments only. Contact the helpdesk to schedule access. Helpdesk support is available by phone at 608.342.1400 or email, helpdesk@uwplatt.edu. In person support is available by appointment only. 
  • Student Health Services: Student Health Services is available by telephone for consultation.  Call 608.342.1891
  • The Registrar’s office will be staffed with one person at a time, 8-4 Monday and Friday and 10-2 Wednesday. Contact 608.342.1321 or registrar@uwplatt.edu.
  • Central Receiving loading dock and Pioneer Printing and Postal Services will have limited hours. On Monday and Friday morning, from 9-11 a.m., mail and packages will be delivered to essential departments. Essential departments with USPS mail that needs processing need to make arrangements during these hours for that. Call 608.342.1484 to make arrangements. FedEx packages will be delivered as needed to essential departments. All outgoing UPS or Fed Ex packages must be taken to Central Receiving to be sent. Call ahead at 608.342.1144.
  • Markee Pioneer Student Center: The student center is closed, although the main information line of 608.342.1491 will be available weekdays 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • Human Resources: Office is closed, but employees are encouraged to review the Human Resources FAQs or contact Human Resources at humanresources@uwplatt.edu or 608.342.1176 during normal business hours.

The university thanks all faculty, students and staff for their understanding and flexibility during this quickly-changing pandemic. 

March 23, 2020

A message from Chancellor Dennis J. Shields

Good afternoon Pioneers,

  • First, I thank you for everything you have done during this unprecedented occurrence in our university's history. Your willingness and your abilities to adapt to rapidly-changing circumstances have been remarkable.
  • Second, many questions have arisen, with a large one being about finances. I am happy to share with you this announcement from UW System (below) that prorated room, board and meal plan refunds will be offered to those who able to leave due to COVID-19. As your chancellor, I felt this is an important step for us to take. Details will be worked out on the logistics of these refunds and who is eligible, but I am writing today to hopefully put your minds at ease over this question.
  • Third, based on the Centers for Disease Control recommendations, we are postponing the May commencement ceremonies at all three campuses. Please note that we are not canceling, but we are looking at alternatives to celebrating our seniors’ accomplishments. I remain firmly committed to being able to congratulate each and every senior. 
  • Fourth, with the exception of the elections being held in Ullsvik Hall on April 7, all public events are either canceled or postponed through at least the end of this semester. 

Again, thank you for all your efforts. Stay safe and remain strong. 


Chancellor Dennis J. Shields   

UW System to offer prorated room and board refunds

 MADISON, Wis.—University of Wisconsin System President Ray Cross announced today that all UW System institutions will refund the prorated charges for housing and dining for the remainder of the spring semester for students who have vacated their respective universities.

Cross said the decision is a response to the evolving situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition to classes being delivered through alternative methods. 

“We recognize the tremendous upheaval this pandemic has inflicted on the lives of our students, and we appreciate their patience and their sacrifice,” Cross said. “This reimbursement is the right thing to do.”

University chancellors were consulted on the decision and agree with it. 

Prorated reimbursements will exclude the period of the originally scheduled spring break and shall be issued by the close of the spring academic semester. Crediting these funds toward future semesters in lieu of a refund is not an option because of rules related to the awarding of federal financial aid.  


March 19, 2020

Building updates for all three campuses

The following is a list of closures and modified schedules for building access on the three UW-Platteville campuses. Please note that as the situation is continually evolving, these schedules are subject to change. 

Academic Buildings: 

All academic buildings are closed and locked. Employees have 24/7 card access to the buildings in which they work. As of 5 p.m. Tuesday, March 17, academic buildings were closed to students.

Non-Academic Buildings: 

  • Williams Fieldhouse, which includes the Pioneer Activity Center (PAC), is now closed to all but the employees who work in that building with card access. 
  • Karrmann Library is currently closed. All employees who work in that building have 24/7 card access. The library staff is able to conduct all business remotely, including answering questions from students/staff via a chat function or email. This includes branch library staff. Interlibrary loan has suspended the transfer of any physical items, but online interlibrary loan is still available. Provost Wilson has emailed information to faculty and instructional academic staff for how to reserve rooms in Karrmann library to record alternative delivery content. Email and live chat information for library assistance can be found online at https://campus.uwplatt.edu/library 
  • Royce Hall: 
    • Residence Life Office:
    • March 16-20: 7:45am-4:15pm, Monday-Friday 
    • March 23-27: 10am-2pm, Monday-Friday 
    • March 30 and beyond: Closed to all but employees with card access.  Services for students accessible via department contact information. 
    • As of today, all other departments within Royce Hall are conducting service via phone or alternative means (i.e. Wright Center, Student Health Service, Counseling Services, International Programs.) 
  • Markee Pioneer Student Center:
    • March 16-20: 7am-5:30pm, Monday-Friday
    • March 23 and beyond: 7am-5pm, Monday-Friday
    • Building is closed on weekends to all but employees who work in that building with card access 
  • Children’s Center: Closed 
  • Brigham Hall: Closed 
  • Glenview Commons: Open from 5-10 p.m. 

Residence Halls (Main Campus): 

All Residence Hall ID access has been removed for students not currently on campus. Students who have left campus for other locations will not be able to return and access to their residence halls. Main campus residence hall students should refer to the email sent by the Department of Residence Life on March 19 for further instructions.

Dining Services: (Note that all food service is on a take-out basis only) 

For the most up-to-date information about Dining Services hours on the Main Campus, please visit: https://campus.uwplatt.edu/dining/hours


All academic buildings are closed and locked. Employees have 24/7 access to the buildings in which they work. All performances or other public events or gatherings are also canceled or postponed until further notice. 

  • Lange Student Center:
    • Closed. Employees have 24/7 access
  • T.N. Savides Library:
    • Closed. Employees have 24/7 access. 


All academic buildings and East Hall, which houses UW-Extension, are closed and locked. Employees have 24/7 access to the buildings in which they work. The Symons Recreation Center is also closed. All performances or other public events or gatherings are also canceled or postponed until further notice. 

  • Wallace Student Center:
    • March 19 and beyond: 9am-2pm, Monday-Friday.
    • Building is closed on weekends to all but employees with access.
  • Miller Library:
    • Closed. Employees who work in that building have 24/7 access.

March 19, 2020

For the safety of our campus communities and in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the decision has been made to suspend face-to-face classes at UW-Platteville and shift to alternative delivery of courses through the end of the 2020 spring semester. This applies to all three UW-Platteville campuses.

The updated schedule is as follows:

March 13-29: Extended Spring Break
March 30-April 9: Classes in alternative delivery

April 10-13: April Break
April 14-May 22: Classes in alternative delivery

This change raises a number of questions, all of which we are looking into in detail and will have more information shortly, such as access to buildings, textbooks, potential refunds for housing and dining, impact on financial aid and more.  We will be sending additional details soon. For student who remain in the main campus residence halls, we will be sending an email with additional information and directions.  As for commencement, we are discussing how these changes may impact this very important event and will be making decisions and sharing information with you by next Monday. 

We will continue to monitor the everchanging developments and guidelines surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. In making any decisions, our top priority is always the safety and well-being of our students, faculty and staff.

Additional messages will be forthcoming through email on a regular basis as needed. All updates will continue to be posted online at https://www.uwplatt.edu/news/update-coronavirus

As always, we thank you for your patience during these unprecedented events. 

March 18, 2020

A message from Chancellor Dennis J. Shields

Please see the following video message from Chancellor Dennis J. Shields: https://youtu.be/4ypynDNa-dU

March 18, 2020

Message to Students from Provost Wilson - important information regarding registration for Fall 2020, etc.

I thought it might be a good time to reach out to each of you.  I can appreciate that the situation of the past few weeks has been alarming and created uncertainty and many questions.  We are doing our best to keep everyone informed of decisions as they are made, and please know prioritizing your safety and education are at the heart of those decisions.

Note that THIS WEEK IS OFFICIALLY PART OF SPRING BREAK.  From your perspective this means that students are not expected to submit any exams, papers, lab reports or any other assignment until Monday, March 30.  I would caution you that your faculty and instructors may expect something that was due this week to be submitted on March 30. I would be ready for that request, just in case. I would also remind you that the attendance policies that influence a student’s final grade have been suspended for the remainder of this semester, effective Monday, March 9.  If you haven’t attended class prior to that date, I encourage you to have a conversation with your faculty member.

From Registrar Kieckhafer, there are three very important messages I need to convey to you.

  1. The final drop date for campus is Monday, April 20.  Due to all the recent changes, we have extended the published drop date so that students have additional time to consider this important decision.
  2. Registration for Fall 2020 semester has also been rescheduled and will begin on Tuesday, April 14. You may work with your academic advisor over email, phone, or zoom.  Your academic advisor will only be able to provide your PIN number through your official uwplatt.edu email and ONLY after you have worked with your academic advisor to create your Fall 2020 schedule. It’s important during this time for you to use your official Platteville email and recognize critical communication will be sent through this email. I would recommend checking this email frequently.
  3. This week your faculty will be evaluating your midterm grades.  Be aware that these will be submitted in the next few weeks.  You should access your PASS account so that you understand how you have been evaluated prior to the alternative delivery phase of this semester.

I encourage you to communicate with your faculty members as you move through the next part of the semester.  We know that some of you will not have access to appropriate technology. It may be difficult for you to complete your assignments in the media that the faculty member has chosen.  Let them know your situation.  If you have accommodation needs due to a documented disability, please connect with our Services for Students with Disabilities (SSWD@uwplatt.edu, 608-342-1818) and let your faculty know about your situation.

Many of you have chosen to stay local to campus through the next few weeks.  We will do all we can to support you, however, we also want you to maintain your social distance, so that everyone can do their best to remain healthy.  To that end, we are limiting access to academic buildings and laboratories.  This situation is changing every day.  The library will have a chat function available for you to ask librarians for assistance.  The Markee Pioneer Student Center will post their hours. Faculty will not be accepting drop-in visits during this break to ensure the social distancing.  If you need assistance from a particular staff member, I encourage you to email or call so that you can work through an appropriate communication method.  Due to their circumstances, they may only be on campus for a few hours a day, or a few days a week.

As we move beyond spring break, I encourage you to remember that this is a new situation for all of us.  Your faculty members are working this week to think about how they might deliver their course information.  Many of you will not have another lecture to attend, but instead may learn through activities posted in CANVAS or multiple emails.  You may have reading assignments and/or videos to access. This is all new to many of our faculty and staff, so please be patient with them and make sure to check your official UW-Platteville email.

Above all, know that we are here to continue to support your academic success.

Please take care of yourself over the next few weeks.  We will continue to update you as best we can.

Be well,


D. Joanne Wilson

Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

March 17, 2020

Interim COVID-19 Leave Policy and Travel Restriction Clarifications

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville encourages all students, faculty and staff to practice social distancing. For those employees who are able to perform their essential duties remotely, every attempt should be made to coordinate doing so to the greatest extent possible. Please discuss your alternative work plan with your supervisor and enact this plan starting tomorrow, March 18, 2020. 

Please see the updates below regarding:

  1. Interim COVID-19 Leave Policy
  2. Employee Travel Restrictions Clarifications and Local Travel Defined

IMPORTANT – more information will be released tomorrow regarding the remainder of the semester.

Interim COVID-19 Leave Policy

On March 17, 2020, President Cross has announced the implementation of an interim COVID-19 Leave Policy.  The policy establishes standards for the continued pay and leave usage for UW System employees during the COVID-19 pandemic including up to 80 hours of paid COVID-19 leave (prorated by % FTE) for employees who are unable to perform their assigned duties on campus or through working remotely.  This policy applies to all UW-Platteville employees, except student employees.  

Employees who are unable to perform their assigned duties during the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible to use COVID-19 leave. This includes, but is not limited to, employees who are unable to perform their assigned duties due to the inability to work remotely (telecommute or telework), self-quarantine, self-isolation, illness, care of an immediate family member, or child/elder care due to school/day care closures. In instances where employees can perform their assigned duties remotely and there is work available as approved by their supervisor, they may not refuse to do so in order to take COVID-19 leave.  

Please discuss with your supervisor to confirm your eligibility for COVID-19 leave. Supervisors have the discretion to determine which employees may be approved to perform their work remotely and which employees are required to perform their work duties on campus due to the nature of their work and/or staffing needs. 

Once confirmed, you may enter COVID-19 leave through HRS where a pay code will be established. Please have patience as we wait for HRS to be updated. Complete policy and eligibility details may be found in the COVID-19 Leave Policy.  Please also review the Human Resources FAQs listed on their webpage.  Contact your supervisor or Human Resources with any questions.  

Travel Restrictions and Local Area Defined

As announced last week, employees are directed to communicate personal travel plans to their supervisor.  It is strongly recommended that employees postpone or cancel personal travel outside of Wisconsin.  This includes both Interntional travel and domestic travel to states where CDC deems there is sustained community transmission.

In order to reduce and mitigate any potential exposure to the campus communities, if a student, faculty or staff member travels to an area that is outside the local area and/or attends a large public event (updated per Governor Evers's Emergency Order #5 on March 17, 2020 prohibited mass gatherings of 10 people of more), the university is asking that person to remain off campus for a period of 14 days for the safety of students, faculty and staff.  This direction is not applicable to employees who reside out of state and travel to Wisconsin for work.

When assessing an individual’s travel history, consideration should be given to where they went, what they did, any contact with sick people, mode of travel, and what position they are in.  If they are ill, the employee should isolate and contact their health care provider.

“Local area” refers to travel you perform during your everyday life, whether a commute, grocery store run, trips for medical appointments, assisting elderly family members, or a trip between campuses. Any trip outside that norm for at least one night would trigger the 14-day isolation period, and employees are strongly encouraged to follow this. Employees must communicate with their supervisors and be forthcoming in their travel, and UW-Platteville asks that all employees show respect for their fellow Pioneers and minimize the risk of spreading to the university campuses.

Per the Grant County Health Department regarding household member travel, no quarantine should be necessary for the person who did not travel if the other member is not ill.  Monitoring for illness for all involved is warranted.

IMPORTANT – more information will be released tomorrow regarding the remainder of the semester in response to the governor’s emergency order #5. 

March 15, 2020

Faculty and Staff Face-to-Face Instructional Support from TTC – Monday and Tuesday

The Teaching and Technology Center, with support from the Center for Distance Learning, is providing face-to-face training this Monday and Tuesday in the Markee Pioneer Student Center Bears Den and Hempel Collaboratory.

Beginning Wednesday, TTC will provide support on CANVAS and via email.

TTC is dedicated to helping faculty and instructors as they transition to alternative delivery. Our primary contact and resource page is through the CANVAS AltMode Learning Community. You have received an email invitation to this page. Please accept the invitation to access resources and get announcement.

For questions, please email ttc@uwplatt.edu

Open Office Hours: 1-on-1 help

When: Monday and Tuesday 3/16 & 3/17 from 9am-noon and from 1pm-4pm

What: Help for Zoom, Canvas and Pedagogical Questions NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED

Where: Bears Den

Who: Regina Nelson, TTC Faculty Associates, Media Technology Services, CDL Canvas Administrator and Instructional Designer 
*This event is BYOD – Bring Your Own Device (if you have a laptop) otherwise there are plenty of desktops to use.

Targeted Courses:

1. Introduction to Zoom and Zoom on Canvas:

Monday 11am-12pm; 2pm-3pm; Tuesday 9am-10am; 1pm-2pm

Click to Register: http://uwplatteville.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8cXc9xQfwhix65v

2. Canvas Lite: Modules, Embedding film into a course page, assignments, rubrics and speedgrader

Monday 3pm-4pm; Tuesday 11am-12pm; 3pm-4pm

Click to Register: http://uwplatteville.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_ezkCzLvklNGnsmp

3. Basics: Teaching without Canvas

Tuesday 10am-11am; 2pm-3pm


Information Security Update

At this time of year, scams related to taxes and spring break are typical. This year, cyber predators are also trying to take advantage of our desire to be well, safe, and helpful during the coronavirus pandemic. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is tracking scams related to alleged treatments and charities. Follow known scams at https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/features/scam-alerts

At the university, ITS expects to see an uptick in phishing attempts. If you receive a suspicious message related to the pandemic or any topic in your UWPLATT account, do not respond.

  1. Please report the message to the ITS Help Desk at helpdesk@uwplatt.edu immediately.
  2. REMEMBER, ITS will never ask you for your password—in person, on the phone, or in an email. Never, ever. Seriously!
  3. Stay up to date on university announcements related to the pandemic at https://www.uwplatt.edu/news/update-coronavirus

March 14, 2020

Reminder of Revised Class Schedule

(As previously announced)

  • March 13-29 Extended Spring Break
  • March 30-April 9 Classes in alternative delivery
  • April 10-13 April Break
  • April 14 Face-to-face classes resume (subject to change)

Work Policies for Faculty, Staff

The university recognizes the hardships and inconveniences many employees will be going through in the next few weeks, especially with K-12 schools closing. During this time of precautionary methods, children will not be allowed to accompany you to work. You should contact your immediate supervisor regarding flexible work arrangements, utilize department call-in procedures, and properly report absences on your timesheet if you cannot work your normal work hours. There are a variety of options available to you for using paid time off, unpaid time off, and sick leave based on your specific circumstances. Please review the UW-Platteville Human Resources FAQs on the Human Resources webpage for more information.  If you have any questions, please speak with your supervisor or call Human Resources.   

Campus Isolation Sites

Action plans are underway in the event of an active COVID-19 case on any of the three UW-Platteville campuses. Locations have been selected on each campus for isolation if we have students who are awaiting test results or have tested positive for the virus. These measures are precautionary, yet necessary as the situation evolves.  

Dining Service Hours

The main UW-Platteville campus dining services hours have been amended over the two-week extended spring break. They may be found at https://uwplatt.sharepoint.com/sites/AdministrativeServices/AuxiliaryServices/DiningServices/SitePages/Hours.aspx

COVID-19 Updates

Regular updates will be provided on a daily basis or as needed. Please continue to refer to https://www.uwplatt.edu/news/update-coronavirus for all previous communications.


March 13, 2020

With both the United States government and the State of Wisconsin declaring health emergencies because of the COVID-19, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville is canceling next week’s classes. The university will begin a two-week spring break effective immediately on all three of its campuses.

Revised schedule (Subject to Change)

  • March 13-29 Extended Spring Break
  • March 30-April 9 Classes in alternative delivery
  • April 10-13 April Break
  • April 14 Face-to-face classes resume

UW-Platteville’s extended spring break will run through Sunday, March 29. Following the break, the university will offer two weeks of alternative delivery before face-to-face classes are scheduled to resume Tuesday, April 14.

The extended break will also allow faculty and staff an additional week to prepare for the alternative delivery methods to ensure students have a continuous path to graduation.

If you are currently on campus

The university strongly encourages students to leave their respective campuses during the break and not return until face-to-face classes resume. Students should bring all necessary classwork materials with them to prepare for the alternative delivery on March 30. 

If you already left campus for the weekend

For those who have left campus for this weekend and need to return for their academic materials and essential personal belongings, these belongings should be retrieved by 5 p.m. Tuesday March 17.

The residence halls and dining facilities will remain open. Academic buildings will be locked through April 14, with only faculty and staff having card access. The Pioneer Activity Center, Karmann Library and the Markee Pioneer Student Center will remain open only for students, faculty and staff on the main campus. The libraries, dining services, and student services will remain open on the branch campuses. Hours for all these facilities may vary; check the appropriate website for updated information. The general public will not be allowed in university buildings during this time.  

All faculty and staff should continue their regular work schedules unless directed otherwise by their supervisors. Supervisors may determine whether or not employees can work remotely. Student employees should check with their supervisors before returning to work.

In order to reduce and mitigate any potential exposure to the campus communities, if a student, faculty or staff member travels to an area that is outside the local area and/or attends a large public event (more than 250 public members), the university is asking that person to remain off campus for a period of 14 days for the safety of students, faculty and staff. 


March 12, 2020

University Update - Revised Schedule

Summary of Revised Schedule (Subject to Change)

  • March 12-20 Face-to-face classes as normal
  • March 21-29 Spring Break
  • March 30-April 10 Classes in alternative delivery
  • April 10-13 April Break
  • April 14 Face-to-face classes resume

Due to Public Health Officials’ (Grant, Sauk and Richland County) belief that there is a possibility of COVID-19 spreading in coming weeks and based on Centers for Disease Control recommendations, UW-Platteville is suspending face-to-face instruction beginning on Monday, March 30 (following the week of Spring Break) on all three UW-Platteville campuses. Face-to-face classes will be held as scheduled through Friday, March 20. Beginning on Monday, March 30, UW-Platteville will initiate alternative delivery methods for all classes until Tuesday, April 14, at which time face-to-face classes are scheduled to resumeThe situation is constantly evolving and being evaluated.

When students leave for spring break, they are encouraged to bring all course-related materials with them. Students should be mindful of taking personal essentials, such as medications, for an extended period of time in case the situation changes. Once anyone leaves the local area, they should stay away from the campuses until Monday, April 13 to mitigate the possibility of exposure to the campus communities.

During this period of suspended face-to-face instruction, the university is NOT closed. Faculty and staff will continue to report to work. (More guidance for faculty and instructional staff will be coming from Provost Wilson.) Residence halls will remain open on all three campuses for those students who need to remain on campus, and limited dining services will be available.

At this time, there are still no known or immediate threats on any of the three campuses. UW-Platteville officials continue to monitor the situation in collaboration with health officials and will adapt plans as needed.

For all up-to-date information on the university’s actions in response to COVID-19, visit https://www.uwplatt.edu/news/update-coronavirus.

March 12, 2020

UW-Platteville Events Canceled

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services recommended today the cancelation or postponement of non-essential gatherings of 250 or more people to help protect Wisconsinites from the spread of COVID-19, particularly those who are most vulnerable to infection and severe disease.

Because of that recommendation and out of concern for the safety and well-being for the UW-Platteville community, the university is immediately canceling all university-sponsored public events and gatherings held on all three campuses, beginning Friday, March 13 through at least Tuesday, April 14, at which time the situation will be re-evaluated. These events include any that is open to the non-university attendees and/or the public has been invited. This policy covers gatherings of all sizes with the exception of a classroom guest speaker or lecturer.

Members of the university’s Emergency Operations Center will be in contact with each event organizer to confirm the cancelation.

UW-Platteville is moving forward with plans to prevent or slow the transmission of the virus as best we can and mitigate its risks if it comes to our community.

March 11, 2020

Update to campus community

The safety, health and well-being of the students, faculty and staff have always been at the forefront of University of Wisconsin-Platteville decisions. In that light, the university offers updates on the COVID-19 (also known as the Coronavirus).

First and foremost, there are no known or immediate threats on any of the three campuses. To help minimize those risks, UW-Platteville is taking the following steps:

International travel

  • The university is suspending all outgoing and incoming sponsored international trips through at least May 31. This applies to ALL countries, regardless of their warning levels.
  • University officials are continuing to monitor the students and faculty who remain on overseas trips. Last week, all those at Level 3 countries were returned safely back home.
  • Any travel plans that are scheduled to occur after May 31 will be determined on a case-by-case basis and will depend on the CDC’s guidance.  
  • Further university travel restrictions may be warranted.  
  • All personal travel is strongly discouraged.

Domestic travel

  • All university-related travel by air domestically is suspended through May 31.
  • Any travel by land for university-related business must be approved in advance by the applicable divisional leader. If travel by land is used in lieu of air travel due to this travel restriction, coverage/reimbursement for the additional costs to travel by land must be approved by the head of the division.  
  • Any personal airfare travel in any form to any location in the U.S. or its territories is strongly discouraged, as is all other forms travel to areas or high risk.
  • If you believe you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please contact your health care provider to receive direction and guidance.  
  • If you do become ill or symptomatic, please do not come to campus for 14 days or until cleared by your health provider. This will help prevent any possible spread of not just the COVID-19 but other illnesses. Please contact your faculty members if you are a student or your supervisors if you are employee should this occur. 

The university asks everyone to follow health and safety tips that were previously issued:

  • Avoid contact with sick people. 
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands. 
  • Clean your hands often by washing them with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at 60%–95% alcohol. Soap and water should be used if hands are visibly dirty. 
  • It is especially important to clean hands after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose. 

The university continues to follow all Centers for Disease Control protocols. For more information, visit the CDC site at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html.

All university updates are posted at https://www.uwplatt.edu/news/update-coronavirus.

Spring break

Other UW System institutions have decided to temporarily delay the start of their on-campus courses after their spring break periods for a period of up to two weeks. These institutions will provide alternative methods of learning to maintain continuity of learning.  At this time, UW-Platteville is continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation and is following all CDC guidelines and UW System Emergency Operation Center directives. UW-Platteville will assess the situation and decide whether to take a similar approach (go to alternative methods of learning for a short period of time after spring break). The university will make this decision by Tuesday night, March 17, so that students will be fully informed prior to leaving.

If you have any questions, please contact Public Information Officer Paul Erickson at ericksop@uwplatt.edu.

March 4, 2020

Chancellor Dennis J. Shields Message to the University Community: Update on COVID-19 and Travel

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville values the safety and health of our students, faculty and staff.  In response to the recent outbreak of the COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, our Emergency Operations Center has been actively and continuously monitoring all information available.  As stated before, there are no immediate nor known threats to our campus community.

Due to the risks that have been raised in certain countries and the Level 3 Warnings issued by the Centers for Disease Control, we have returned our students who were studying in South Korea and Italy.  We are suspending all university-sponsored trips to Level 3 countries, which includes China, South Korea and Italy.  We will continue to monitor the hot-spot regions around the world as well as any new or increased risks for domestic travel (such as professional conferences, meetings or other university-related travel).  The EOC is working closely with UW System and the Wisconsin Health Department to remain fully informed and aware of any changes regarding this matter.  We will continue to update the campus community on a regular basis and will take all steps necessary to keep the campus’ health and safety our priority.

General health concerns

Even though the current focus has been on the risks related to the COVID-19, we want to remind our campus community to take precautions to protect their health and safety in regard to other common colds and illnesses, such as Influenza A.  Please remember to practice good hygiene, and if you feel ill, please take all necessary steps to protect your health and prevent exposure to others. Here are a few suggestions:

Practice good hygiene

  • Avoid contact with sick people. 
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands. 
  • Clean your hands often by washing them with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at 60%–95% alcohol. Soap and water should be used if hands are visibly dirty. 
  • It is especially important to clean hands after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose. 

What to do if you feel sick

First and foremost, stay home if you are feeling ill. If you are a student, let your faculty know you are sick. If you are an employee, let your supervisor know.

UW-Platteville students can schedule an appointment with Student Health Services at 608.342.1891 or online through MyHealth, our online portal. Nursing also provides triage for telephone questions and walk-ins. The Student Health Services Clinic is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m. in Royce Hall on the UW-Platteville campus. All visits and calls are confidential.

These tips are especially important as we approach spring break later this month. Please stay informed on any potential health or safety risks that may impact your travel. Thank you for your diligence and your consideration of all our fellow students, faculty and staff.

For more information about the COVID-19, visit the CDC site,  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html.

February 26, 2020

To the University Community

With spring break approaching, please be aware that there are a number of travel restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.  UW-Platteville wants to ensure you are safe no matter where you travel and that you have information that you need to get to your destination and back.

  • Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending to avoid all nonessential travel to China and South Korea. 
  • There are new alerts for several additional countries, including Japan, Italy, Iran and Hong Kong. 
  • Most U.S.-based airlines have suspended service to China through March. As a result, there are few options for air travel to China from the U.S., and cancellations by airlines providing service to China are likely to continue. 
  • Chinese nationals traveling from China are being barred from entering the U.S. by presidential order. So, even if you find a way to get home after your travel, it is unlikely you will be allowed to return to the U.S. The length of the ban is unclear. 
  • U.S. citizens and permanent residents who have traveled to the coronavirus epicenter are being held in quarantine for 14 days by presidential order. As of today, no other countries besides China have been subject to the mandatory quarantine, but this could change in the future. 

For those traveling to other countries during spring break or in the future, be prepared to provide documentation of recent travel history (for example, keep your passport and hard copies of your travel itinerary with you) when you re-enter the U.S. You could be barred from re-entering or there may be limitations/restrictions on your movement such as required quarantine. You may find travel advice related to COVID-19 for other countries on the https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices.

Even if you are not traveling internationally, please continue to follow good hygiene practices. 

  • Avoid contact with sick people. 
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands. 
  • Clean your hands often by washing them with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at 60%–95% alcohol. Soap and water should be used if hands are visibly dirty. 
  • It is especially important to clean hands after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose. 
  • If you have traveled and become ill, seek medical advice. Call ahead before going to a doctor’s office or emergency room. Tell them about your recent travel. 


February 7, 2020

Message to the university community

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville continues to monitor all news and updates about the Coronavirus as well as follow all recommended protocols. At this time, there are no known or immediate threats to the university community. The Emergency Operations Team is examining all future university-sponsored trips, especially to areas that are deemed to be at high levels of risk.

With spring break coming next month, the university urges all those traveling to check on Centers of Disease Control guidelines for your destination and any concerns about it. You can also find tips on hygiene and safety at the CDC site, https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html


February 3, 2020

Message to the university community

UW-Platteville has enjoyed a 20-year relationship with South Central University for Nationalities in Wuhan, China, and several students and staff were in Wuhan over break. Because of that, there was increased attention on our university over the Coronavirus outbreak, whose epicenter is in Wuhan. UW-Platteville followed–and will continue to follow–all Centers for Disease Controls and U.S. State Department protocols. 

Any student or employee who has traveled to or from Wuhan recently has been self-monitoring for any possible symptoms. There was no immediate or known threat. As of Monday, all known travelers have surpassed the 14-day incubation period set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and no longer need to self-monitor.

Because UW-Platteville values the well-being of all students, faculty and staff, we have been updating the website daily at https://www.uwplatt.edu/news/update-coronavirus. We will now update if we have any new information to share. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


February 2, 2020

Message to the university community

UW-Platteville values the well-being of our university community, and because of that, we are sharing daily updates on the Coronavirus. At this time, there is no known or immediate threat. All of the students and staff who have been in Wuhan, China recently continue to self-monitor for any possible symptoms. Although there is concern about asymptomatic spread, early data is suggesting the virus is much more readily spread by persons who do have symptoms, such as coughing and sneezing.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, a day that traditionally features the sharing of camaraderie, food and beverages. The Centers for Disease Controls has a Handwashing Hygiene campaign to promote cleanliness and prevention of spreading of any types of germs or viruses. Before the big game, check out https://www.cdc.gov/handwashing/index.html and enjoy the evening's festivities.

Updated campus information on Coronavirus is available at https://www.uwplatt.edu/news/update-coronavirus. The CDC website is updated at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html.


February 1, 2020

Message to the university community

There remains no immediate or known threat of the Coronavirus at UW-Platteville. Any student or employee who has traveled to or from Wuhan, China recently has been self-monitoring for any possible symptoms. 

Yesterday, the White House announced a 14-day quarantine of all people arriving from mainland China after Sunday, Feb. 2. UW-Platteville has no planned arrivals from the affected areas, and all university-related trips to China have been canceled.   

Daily UW-Platteville updates on Coronavirus are available at https://www.uwplatt.edu/news/update-coronavirus. The CDC website is updated at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html.

January 31, 2020

Message to the university community

Today’s first update on the Coronavirus is there remains no immediate or known threat at UW-Platteville. Any student or employee who has traveled to or from Wuhan, China recently have been self-monitoring for any possible symptoms.

Second, on January 30, the U.S. State Department and Centers for Disease Control raised travel advisory levels for all of China. The U.S. Department of State recommends U.S. citizens avoid travel to mainland China and no travel to the Hubei province and Wuhan. (See https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories/china-travel-advisory.html ) The CDC also recommends individuals avoid nonessential travel to China. Following these recommendations, the UW-Platteville leadership team, with recommendations from the Emergency Operations Center, has now prohibited university-sponsored travel to China. Under the UW-Platteville’s international travel policy, this applies to all undergraduate, graduate and professional students in all programs of study as well as faculty and staff.  In addition, the university discourages all non-work travel to China during the spring semester. 

UW–Platteville is carefully monitoring the circumstances and will continue to comply with CDC best practices and guidance as they are released. Updated campus information on Coronavirus is available at https://www.uwplatt.edu/news/update-coronavirus. The CDC website is updated at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html.


January 30, 2020

Message to the university community

In order to keep the UW-Platteville community informed with updated and accurate information on the Coronavirus and the safety of our university community, we want to restate that there remains no immediate or known threat to the university. Any student or employee who has traveled to or from Wuhan recently have been self-monitoring for any possible symptoms.

We recognize that with any new strain of virus, there is increased anxiety over causes, spread, vaccines and cures. At this time, there are five confirmed cases in the United States; none of them are on the UW-Platteville campus.

Some information shared through social media and traditional media have not been accurate in regard to UW-Platteville’s situation. Please be assured UW-Platteville has been and will continue to be completely transparent about any change of status. Our priority is ensuring the health and safety of the university community. 

In order to combat any spreading rumors, we are posting daily updates on the website, even if it is to say there is no known or immediate threat to the university. Any and all updates will be posted at https://www.uwplatt.edu/news/update-coronavirus

The university continues to follow all Centers for Disease Control protocols. For more information, visit the CDC site at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html.

Thank you for your continued understanding and attention to this situation. We appreciate the open dialogues with the university community. 


January 30, 2020

Update to FAQs

Is there anything that can be done to prevent the spreading of viruses?

Handwashing remains an important way to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading illness. This is the CDC’s Handwashing Hygiene campaign:  https://www.cdc.gov/handwashing/index.html


January 27, 2020

Update to FAQs

New reports say the disease may be contracted prior to symptoms being present. Does that change anything? 

We will continue to monitor this ever-evolving situation and make modifications to our protocols, as necessary.  At this time, even with the latest updates, the CDC and Department of Health is not recommending a change to quarantine protocols.  We will continue to follow all guidance from the CDC, Department of Health and the World Health Organization.


January 27, 2020

Message to university community

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville continues to monitor any possible signs of the Coronavirus. There are are no immediate or known threats on campus. The university is adhering to all protocol set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and following closely for any changes to current policies or situations. The university thanks everyone for their concerns and understanding as we begin a new semester. 

Any and all updates will be posted on https://www.uwplatt.edu/news/update-coronavirus. The CDC website is at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html


January 24, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is there a threat to campus?

  •  At this time, there is no known or immediate threat to the campus community.

Has any member of the campus community tested positive for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus?

  • No.

If a campus community member becomes infected, what will happen?  

  • If a case is reported, the university will take immediate steps to properly respond to any health and safety risk to the campus community. If it becomes necessary to implement a quarantine, the university will follow all recommendations from the CDC and Department of Health.

    At this time, there have been no reported cases of infected individuals. The Centers for Disease Control is not recommending quarantine for non-symptomatic individuals, which is the case on the UW-Platteville campus.  

If someone calls and reports recent travel or known exposure and symptoms/illness, what protocol/advice is provided?

  • Currently, if a campus community member is, or becomes, symptomatic and has recently returned from Wuhan, they should call the Grant County Health Department at 608-723-6416 for a telephone screening.  

What is the incubation period?

  • This is a fluid situation, but at this time the CDC recommends observation for 1-14 days.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent the spreading of viruses?

New reports say the disease may be contracted prior to symptoms being present. Does that change anything? 

  • We will continue to monitor this ever-evolving situation and make modifications to our protocols, as necessary.  At this time, even with the latest updates, the CDC and Department of Health is not recommending a change to quarantine protocols.  We will continue to follow all guidance from the CDC, Department of Health and the World Health Organization.

What information can or will the university share regarding any students or employees who have recently traveled to or from Wuhan?

  • The university will not release any names or residential information regarding any student or employee in order to comply with state or federal privacy laws. If you are concerned that exposure to a particular student or employee may create a risk to your personal health, please use your personal judgement in regard to your health care. CDC is recommending that individuals self-monitor and/or review information and resources on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Will buildings be disinfected?

  • At this time, we will continue to follow all standard cleaning protocols.

Are masks available?

  • Masks are only recommended for those individuals experiencing symptoms such as cough and fever. Masks will be available at Student Health Services.

What long-term procedures are in place?

  • We will continue to monitor this situation very closely. We will also work with state and local public health officials.  

Will classes be held as scheduled?

  • Yes.  Classes will be held as planned. There is no immediate plan to cancel classes or any other university event or activity. All faculty and staff are expected to come to work as scheduled. All students are expected to attend scheduled classes.

What if a student is concerned about attending class?

  • If you have concerns and would like to discuss alternatives to attending class or completing academic work in the immediate future, please reach out to your faculty member or the Department Chair.

Do I have to come to work?

  • The University will follow the Class Cancellation and Campus Closure Policy, found at https://kb.uwplatt.edu/adminservices/93133.  Please work with your supervisor.

If a faculty member has questions or concerns regarding coming to work, what should they do?

  • Contact their respective dean’s office.

Where do I look for additional information?

  • For UW-Platteville specific information, please visit www.uwplatt.edu.  For information about the Coronavirus, please visit the CDC website at cdc.gov.

What do I believe on the internet?

  • For the most accurate information, visit www.uwplatt.edu and cdc.gov.

Who else can I speak with about this?

  • All questions can be directed to the Dean of Students Office at 608.342.1854.  Media inquiries can be directed to the Public Information Office at 608.342.1194.  Further information can be found at cdc.gov.

How often will webpages be updated?

  • This situation is fluid. Information will be updated as it becomes available.

If I feel as though I am being treated unfairly, discriminated against, or harassed due to concerns around this issue, what should I do?


January 23, 2020

Message to university community

As you may be aware, there is an outbreak of a new virus in China, called “2019nCoV” or "Wuhan Coronavirus." The University of Wisconsin-Platteville expresses its deepest concerns and support to the people of Wuhan.

The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff is a top priority. University officials are closely and continuously monitoring this situation and are taking every measure and action that is being directed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Grant County Health Department.

Please be advised that there are six students from Wuhan who have arrived on campus for the semester. Currently, none of the students are displaying any symptoms connected to the Coronavirus. In addition, there were also six employees who were recently in Wuhan.  They have been advised to contact the Grant County Health Department to be evaluated. 

If there is any information that would indicate an actual health emergency related to the Coronavirus, we will be sending an immediate emergency notification.

Please read the following link at the CDC for specific information:


If you are currently experiencing any symptomatic health-related issues, please contact your local health care provider.  If you are a student, you may contact Student Health Services during regular business hours at 608.342.1891.

Any questions should be directed to the Dean of Students office at deanofstudents@uwplatt.edu or 608.342.1854.

All media inquiries should be directed to Paul Erickson, Public Information Officer, at 608.342.1194 or pr@uwplatt.edu.

Further information will be updated as it becomes available.