Prepare for a successful sales career with the only sales major offered in the region, a bachelor of business administration degree in professional sales from UW-Platteville. Our program’s innovative curriculum prepares you to provide immediate value to a company and, in return, your job and salary prospects are much greater than other areas.

You will practice sales techniques and learn from faculty and industry professionals with extensive sales experience. Mentoring, coaching, and role-playing are crucial experiences that are embedded in the program.

Sales are the lifeblood for any organization. The career field requires people who are highly motivated, independent, and want a career that rewards them for success. Good sales professionals gain satisfaction from helping customers identify and troubleshoot solutions to their most challenging problems.

Over the next decade, the demand for professional salespeople is expected to grow much faster than the national average for other careers. Our program will clearly differentiate you from others entering the field without formal sales training. As a result, you will have a competitive professional advantage that will allow you to command a much higher starting salary, and you will be prepared to enter your new career with the confidence, skills, and knowledge you need to excel.