If you enjoy helping plants grow, thrive, and change landscapes, a degree in environmental horticulture may be your ideal choice. UW-Platteville’s environmental horticulture bachelor’s degree is exceptionally rare in the region and graduates explore careers in the areas of education and research, greenhouse management, horticultural therapy, landscape design and management, plant breeding and genetics, and more.

You’ll gain experience in the art and science of cultivating beautiful and functional landscapes that also make our world a better and greener place. Learn how to develop public and private recreational areas, design and manage various landscapes, manage nurseries, and manage different varieties of turf.

Choose how your degree will best suit you by selecting an area of emphasis.

Greenhouse and Garden Center Management

The greenhouse and garden center management emphasis focuses on intensive plant production of high value crops (vegetables, ornaments, and cut flower) in controlled environments coupled with the marketing and business aspects of commercial production. Graduates of this emphasis will be prepared to pursue careers in commercial horticulture production systems, education, research, and traditional garden centers or floral shops.


The international emphasis encompasses the unique aspects of horticulture crop production and its global importance. Graduates will be ideally situated to pursue careers in all aspects of commercial horticulture production and business, with a strong understanding of the global horticulture industry, legislation and regulations relating to plant production, and international opportunities.

Plant Breeding and Genetics

The plant breeding and genetics emphasis focuses on improving current and creating new plant varieties to address growing concerns of food security, climate change, and resilience. Graduates may engage in career opportunities in plant development with private industry, government, or academic research.

Professional Landscape Management

The professional landscape management emphasis focuses on landscape design, installation, management, and the environment importance of plants in the urban landscape. Graduates will be ideally placed for careers in landscape/garden design, landscape construction and management, golf course and sports turf grass management, urban forestry, and more.