Study life in all its forms and wherever it may be found with a bachelor’s degree in biology. Early hands-on experience in counting fish in local streams, conducting stem cell research, saving endangered cricket frogs, and examining the human body at the macro and microscopic levels enhances education with practical challenges. 

As a graduate of the biology program, you can prepare for a career in medicine, research and development, ecology, biotechnology, business, zoology, and other fascinating fields.

Choose how your degree will best suit your interests by selecting an optional area of emphasis.


An emphasis in botany will help prepare you for graduate school or diverse careers in agriculture, natural resources, land management, or the parks system.

Health Sciences

The emphasis in health sciences will prepare you for your pursuit of graduate school or many of our pre-professional programs including pre-nursing and pre-chiropractic.


Become a health professional trained the microscopic study of cells that have been obtained from body tissues. Specifically, cytotechnologists learn to identify cellular abnormalities that may be the earliest signs of disease, including cancers. Cytotechnologists are often employed by hospitals and medical clinics.


Ecology is an immense field of study that is truly multi-disciplinary and our ecology emphasis reflects that. With an emphasis in ecology you'll collect and integrate information from atoms to ecosystems and everything in between. In addition to necessary coursework—much of it utilizing our outstanding on-campus field sites, you'll receive opportunities to get practical experience through summer positions or independent research.


Learn to use molecular techniques and tools for DNA analysis, crime detection, gene expression, and gene editing with an emphasis in molecular/genetics.

Secondary Education

Teaching is a truly rewarding profession that comes with significant responsibility. An emphasis in secondary education will prepare you to teach biology at the high school level.


The zoology emphasis will allow you to work in careers with animals, agriculture, natural resources, the parks systems, zoos, and other animal facilities.