Study life in all its forms with a bachelor’s degree in biology. Early hands-on experience in counting fish in local streams, conducting stem cell research, saving endangered cricket frogs, and examining the human body at the macro and microscopic levels enhances education with practical challenges.

Eight emphasis areas in the biology major allow you chose the path that best fits your interests and prepare you for a career in medicine, research and development, ecology, biotechnology, business, zoology, and other relevant fields.

In addition to the major, you can also discover biology through the following:

  • Minors in biology, biology teaching, and biotechnology
  • Master of Science in Applied Biotechnology (online)

Choose how your degree will best suit your interests by selecting an area of emphasis.


Botany is the scientific study of plants and their vital importance in our world. An emphasis in botany will prepare you for a career as a field biologist, naturalist, plant geneticist, biotechnologist, florist, and more.


Cytotechnology is the microscopic study of cells for evidence of disease, such as cancer, viral and bacterial infections, and other abnormal conditions. An emphasis in cytotechnology will prepare you for a career in laboratory research and diagnostics.


Ecology is an immense field of study that is truly multi-disciplinary, focusing on how life interacts among individuals, populations, communities, and ecosystems. An emphasis in ecology will prepare you for careers in research, conservation, and more.

Health Sciences

Heath care is a diverse and growing field. An emphasis in health sciences will prepare you for a career in health care, health related research and technology, or the pursuit of graduate school.

Pre-professional program options include: chiropractic, cytotechnology, dentistry, medical technology, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, optometry, osteopathy, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, and podiatry.


Discover how life works at the microscopic level using molecular techniques and tools for DNA analysis, gene expression, and gene editing. An emphasis in molecular/genetics will prepare you for a career in research, biotechnology, genetic counseling, and more.


The non-emphasis option allows you to gain a broad-based knowledge of biology, without specializing in one particular field of study. Most biology-focused careers do not require an emphasis.

Secondary Education

Develop a strong foundation in the study of biology, along with the learning strategies and teaching skills to become a successful educator. An emphasis in biology education will prepare you to teach biology for grades 6-12.


Zoology focuses on all aspects of animal life, from genes to ecosystems. The zoology emphasis will prepare you for a career in animal research and conservation, zoo and aquaria work, veterinary medicine, and more.

You may also opt to pursue a pre-professional program in veterinary medicine.