Pioneer Pete w/ Doc

For many manageable concerns, we have designed the following services to help you in taking responsibility for your own health.

Telephone consultation with a registered nurse is available. If you have questions, need information, or are uncertain about a particular health concern, please feel free to call the Student Health Services and ask to speak with a nurse. We can help you manage your symptoms or concerns and determine the type of follow-up or appointment needed.

First Aid Kits are available to each residence hall and contain such things as ice packs, ace wraps, Triple Antibiotic ointment, and Band Aids. If you need to use these supplies, please contact your RA or the residence hall front desk.

Self-Care Cold Packet—if you have cold symptoms such as nasal congestion or a mild cough, you may want to stop by the Student Health Services and pick up a cold packet. Information on managing the common cold is provided along with samples of Ibuprofen and cough drops.

Ask A Nurse

Call 608.342.1891 to ask a question or schedule an appointment, or walk in to talk to a nurse. A nurse is available during open clinic hours.

Ask a Nurse when:

  • You are acutely ill, injured, have pain or fever
  • You have a medical question or concern to discuss with a registered nurse

The nurse can:

  • Do the initial physical assessment of your problem/concern
  • Test for Strep Throat if indicated by your symptoms
  • Provide testing and treatment for illnesses following protocol
  • Refer you to a medical provider if needed
  • Provide home care advice and recommendations
  • Schedule an appointment when necessary