The Student Health Services is funded through segregated fees in addition to tuition. As a benefit of this funding, there are unlimited office visits available at little to no cost. SHS does not file with health insurance. However, a coding slip may be requested so that charges can be submitted to insurance.

If a student does not have any insurance coverage, the following resources may be explored for potential coverage:

Guide to Applying for Wisconsin's Health, Nutrition, and Other Programs.


Office visits and some procedures at Student Health Services (SHS) are funded through segregated fees paid by enrolled students. As a benefit of this funding, unlimited office visits are available, and most are at little or no cost. There are minimal charges assessed for some services, medications, and durable medical supplies. All fees, including fees associated with outside labs, radiology, references to local providers, and specialty clinics are the student’s responsibility. These services may qualify for full or partial coverage or reimbursement under the student's health insurance plans. We do not submit charges to insurance but can provide a receipt of services upon request. Students are responsible for contacting their insurance carriers to determine which providers may be covered under their plans. Charges not covered by insurance are posted to the student’s university account. Sorry, we do not accept debit or credit cards at this time.

Payments are made through the student’s university account, like tuition payments.


The below fee list can also be found on the SharePoint site (for current students) under FAQs.

Contact Information

Student Health Services

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