If Student Health Services is not available, please see below for information on Emergency and Urgent Care use.

If unsure whether immediate medical care is required, call the Student Health Services 'Ask a Nurse' or the local hospital to speak with someone who can help decide.

For Emergency and Urgent Care information, click here.

Emergency Room

Emergency rooms are specifically designed to manage life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Examples of illnesses and injuries appropriate to be seen in emergency rooms include:

  • chest pain
  • shortness of breath
  • loss of consciousness
  • drug overdose
  • acute alcohol intoxication
  • gunshot or knife wounds
  • fractures
  • seizures
  • accidents such as falls or involving motor vehicles
  • eye injuries
  • severe lacerations
  • high fever (greater than 101°F) with a severe headache and a stiff neck

Urgent Care

Urgent care facilities provide evening and weekend health care for acute problems that are NOT life-threatening. Examples of illnesses and injuries managed at these facilities include:

  • rashes
  • upper respiratory infections
  • sore throats
  • earaches
  • headaches
  • abrasions
  • lacerations
  • flu
  • back pain
  • sprains
  • minor fractures

Contact Information

Student Health Services

0200 Royce Hall
7:45 a.m.-4:15p.m. M,T,W,F; 9 a.m.-4:15 p.m. Th