Concert Instrumental Ensemble Audition and Placement information

  • All instrumental music majors MUST play the audition materials, regardless of which band you wish to participate in.

    Any non-music major who wishes to be placed in Symphonic Wind Ensemble.

  • Anyone who wishes to play in the Orchestra string section, University Band, and Symphony Band (and is not an instrumental music major).

    If you are an instrumental music major, you are required to play the audition materials, regardless of the band you wish to participate in. You DO NOT need to play the chair placement requirements.

  • We are asking everyone submit a video file by September 5

    After practicing, record a video of yourself playing the audition or chair placement music. Please include the following information in your video:

    • Name
    • Instrument
    • Secondary Instrument (if you have one)
    • Year in school
    • Major/Minor
    • Ensemble(s) you are auditioning for (or chair placement)

    You can simply use your phone to create the video. You may practice and record yourself as many times as you wish, then submit the recording(s) you are most satisfied with.

    If you want to be in multiple ensembles and play different instruments in each of those ensembles, you will need to submit multiple videos (do not put a string chair placement and a Symphony Band tuba chair placement on same video, for example). 

  • Audition and placement materials for Jazz 1, Pioneer Jazz Orchestra, and Jazz Combo

    Anyone wishing to audition for Combo and Jazz 1 will also need to play the Gershwin jazz standard, "Summertime".  You can play this in any key and any tempo you wish but I highly suggest you learn the melody by ear listening to any of the countless recordings available.  (sheet music will NOT be provided! but accompaniment will be provided) Summertime is optional for auditioning for the Pioneer Jazz Orchestra.

    Additional Information

    Thank you for your interest in the Pioneer Jazz Program. We will be auditioning for 2 large ensembles and a jazz combo on Thursday, Sept. 9, 2021. Our audition for large ensembles will consist of required material that is available on this page, sight reading which will be supplied at the audition, and improvisation on the tune Summertime in the key and tempo of your choice. Summertime is required for auditioning for the jazz combo and Jazz 1 and optional for Pioneer Jazz Orchestra. 

    Required excerpt "Back Home" by Don Menza. I highly suggest your listen to and play along with this recording during your preparation. 

    • Saxes play from measure 8-37 (Altos play 21-33 twice) 
    • Trumpets play from measure 73-87 (1st and 2nd endings) 
    • Trumpets auditioning for Jazz 1 use Trumpet 1.  Auditioners for PJO use Trumpet IV
    • Trombones play Trombone 1 from measures 8 - 19 and Trombone IV from the pickup to measure 73 to the end
    • Bass trombone play Trombone V from measure 69 to the end
    • Piano play the Piano part from measure 57 to the end
    • Guitar play the Guitar part from measure 45-87
    • Bass play the Bass part from measure 1 to the end of page one, then walk a blues in F in the same tempo and style
    • Drums play the Drum part from measure 45 to the end

    The sight-reading portion of the audition will be taken from the big band standard "The Big Dipper" by Thad Jones.  I highly suggest you listen to recordings of that tune and try to play along with the main melodies to help familiarize yourself with the sight reading. 

    If you have any questions, please contact David Cooper at

  • Audition and placement materials for Symphonic Wind Ensemble

    Please find audition material for your instrument below:

    * Percussionists

    We realize that most of you do not have a set of timpani or any type of mallet instrument in your home! You may certainly record the snare drum portion using a practice pad, and if you happen to have all the instruments you need…go for it. If you do not have all the instruments, here are your options:

    1. Ask a band teacher in your city/town if you could have access to use their instruments and make the video.
    2. Wait until you get to campus and get access to the instruments there and make the video.
    3. Do a live audition (details on how to do this will be communicated later).

    For questions, please contact Matt Gregg at

  • Audition and placement materials for University Band

    Please find placement material for your instrument below:

  • Audition and placement materials for Symphony Orchestra

    Please find placement material for your instrument below: