The Segregated University Fee Allocation Commission (SUFAC) at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville is the student governmental body that is charged with two major responsibilities:

  • Distribution of the allocable funds generated by the student activities fee required of each student at the university
  • Reviewing and advising the Chancellor regarding the non-allocable fees charged to students

These non-allocable fees support the cost of parking, the stadium, health, Ullsvik Center, textbooks, Children's Center, PAC, ID systems, and municipal services. The Chancellor, prior to each year, sets these fees after consulting with SUFAC.

SUFAC exists to fulfill a specific stipulation of Wisconsin State Statute 36.09(5): "The students of each institution or campus shall have the right to organize themselves in a manner they determine and to select their representatives to participate in institutional governance."

Membership of SUFAC

The commission consists of three student representatives from each college (BILSA, LAE, EMS), three student representatives elected at large, and three student representatives appointed by the Student Senate.

Non-voting ex-officio members of the commission include:

  • An administrative liaison, representing the Chancellor's Office
  • A faculty representative, appointed by the Faculty Senate
  • A commission advisor appointed by the Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • A representative from Student Senate, at their discretion

To Join SUFAC, students should complete the Student Governance Nomination Packet or stop by the Pioneer Involvement Center for more information.

  • The annual budget process takes place each academic year to give funds to campus activities for the next academic year. The budgeted allocations determine the amount of the fees per student in the allocable segregated fees category.

    The details of the annual budget process will be completed in the spring of each academic year. Resources will be posted here when available.

  • Contingency and Reserve funds are allocated to SUFAC for expenditures that may occur within the current fiscal year. These are a funds request for items that were not foreseeable at the time of the budget process, or in the event that an organization did not exist during the budget process.

    All requests can be made by using the generic form on SUFAC's PioneerLink.

    Contingency: This is for a request up to $7,500 that is time sensitive. The request requires a 2-week minimum; first as a discussion item, and then at a follow-up meeting as an action item.

    Reserve: This is for a request of more than $7,500. The request will require approval through SUFAC (minimum 2 weeks), Student Senate (minimum 2 weeks), and final approval from the chancellor.

    Rollover: A request to apply unused money from the current academic year to the upcoming academic year. These requests will be heard in the spring semester and can be completed in one SUFAC meeting.

    Rollback: A request used to apply previous fiscal year funds to expenditures that happened in the previous spring/summer. These requests will be heard in the fall semester and can be completed in one SUFAC meeting.

    Transfer: A request made by a current budget holder to transfer funds from 1 group to another (supplies & services, travel, capital, salaries).

  • Depending on the organization and purpose, different organizations will need different forms. The following forms are most commonly used by SUFAC-funded organizations. All forms will require a signature from the account manager, and the organization account code. SUFAC organization account codes can be found on the general ledger updated chart of accounts.

    Online Purchase Requisition Form: This form is used to purchase something from a company. The organization must have an invoice received from their purchasing agent. When completed, turn in the form to the Purchasing Office on the 2nd floor of Ullsvik Hall.

    Non-Employee Reimbursement Claim Form: This form is used to reimburse an expense made by an organization member. The claimant must have a receipt attached with the form. If the claimant doesn’t have an EIN (most students won’t), they can use their SSN for identification purposes. When completed, turn in the form at the Accounts Payable office on the 2nd floor of Ullsvik Hall.

    General Ledger Transfer Form: This form can be used on paper or with electronic verification. This form is used to verify transfers from one on-campus entity to another. Organizations will often use this form to pay for space rental.

    The Event Reservations office will automatically complete this process if they are given an on-campus account code at the time of reservations.

  • All SUFAC Account Codes can be found on the General Ledger Chart of Accounts. All SUFAC Accounts are 10-digit codes (Fund-Department-Program).

    • Every fund is 128
    • Event Department will be a unique 6-digit code
    • Every Program will be 0

    Organization advisors can also find their information and balance by going to WISDM and searching for their account information. Students can have access to their WISDM accounts by request by emailing

  • Organizations needing travel reimbursement need to have the individuals who travel registered on UW-Travelwise.

    Organizations are able to complete this themselves using a Non-Employee Setup form with their Organization Advisor or the Pioneer Involvement Center. SUFAC has also provided assistance with this process at Student Organization Travel Forms on PioneerLink.

    The person who traveled can complete the Travel POST for Organization Reimbursement, which will collect all information needed to complete the travel expense reimbursement (TER) process. The Pioneer Involvement Center will submit the TER on behalf of the traveler and the organization advisor will be the approver of the expense.

Contact Information

Markee Pioneer Student Center

1300 Markee Pioneer Student Center