Many leadership opportunities exist within the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Pioneer Involvement Center (PIC).

Resources for employment, internships, practicums, classes, and other volunteer services offer opportunities for the development of leadership skills. PIC staff are available to design workshops for strengthening leadership skills.

Excellence in Leadership Conference

Students have the opportunity to attend the Excellence in Leadership conference. This conference helps students build personal leadership skills through participation in educational sessions with on-campus and off-campus leaders and professionals.

Group Challenge Experience 

The Pioneer Involvement Center provides a mobile team-building program, working with groups to strengthen interaction between members. Through the Group Challenge Experience, organizations develop strategies for building a successful team capable of implementing short and long term goals. The Group Challenge Experience program is a complement to the high ropes course available through PIC for student organizations.

Leadership Library 

Located in the Pioneer Involvement Center, the Leadership Library is available to all students. Books, journals, magazines, videos, and files are just a few resources student organizations, living groups, residence halls, or individual students may access to strengthen their skills.

Leadership Awards 

The goals of the annual Pioneer Involvement Center Leadership Awards are:

  • To recognize the contribution of our outstanding students, organizations, faculty, and staff to our campus and the surrounding community
  • To encourage our students to become active citizens in their respective communities
  • To create a strong sense of belonging and connection to the UW-Platteville campus community

Names of recipients of all Leadership Awards will be inscribed on a plaque located on the UW-Platteville Student Leadership Wall. The Leadership Wall is located near the PIC on the first floor of the Markee Pioneer Student Center.

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