At the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, we want to make it easy and rewarding to use the talents you have to benefit others.

The Pioneer Involvement Center works with students and departments to give back to the Platteville community. Through community service, you will develop a sense of belonging to the university, and the greater city of Platteville area.

Pioneers Pay it Forward 

During Welcome Weekend, the Pioneer Involvement Center teams with different locations to help the local community of Platteville.

These projects include painting (buildings, storm drains, etc.), cleaning up parks, or doing trail maintenance, and much more! You can help the city of Platteville, get to know it, and make new friends.

Community Service Fair

Once per semester, the Pioneer Involvement Center, working with the Markee Pioneer Student Center, hosts a community service fair.

Community organizations come to the Markee Pioneer Student Center to showcase upcoming involvement opportunities for UW-Platteville students. Build your resume with activities that you care about.

Contact Information

Markee Pioneer Student Center

1300 Markee Pioneer Student Center