University of Wisconsin-Platteville facilities, owned by the State of Wisconsin, are used primarily for teaching, research, and public service. Staff will assist you in determining which policies below apply.

Right Reserved

UW-Platteville reserves the following:

  • The right to change room reservations to maximize use of university facilities.
  • The right to cancel or alter any reservation or planned event that:
    • Violates an institutional policy, University of Wisconsin System or Board policy, or state or federal law;
    • Is in direct conflict with the educational mission of the UW-Platteville;
    • Is reasonably likely to create a threat of harm or safety to the campus community based on credible and legitimate evidence and/or
    • Is deemed to create a threat to the health or safety of the campus community or participants due to the expected number of likely participants and/or the institution's lack of sufficient security staffing or resources to maintain a safe environment during the event.
  • The right to cancel or terminate an ongoing event if any of the above conditions are present.
  • The right to deny service to organizations that have violated State of Wisconsin, Board of Regent, UW-Platteville, or Event Services policies, or are not in good standing with UW-Platteville, until privileges have been reinstated.