Learning at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville goes beyond textbooks. Below you'll find online and multimedia resources to compliment your coursework.

  • The circuit lab manual includes descriptions of testing equipment and laboratory projects for courses Circuits I and Circuits II.
  • Use the lab report format for Electrical Engineering courses.
  • Follow the Smith Chart for information on the magnetic field and communication related topics. 
  • Stop by the RF Cafe to find common formulas and reference material. 
  • View tutorials on stepper motor control

Strengthen your knowledge at UW-Platteville.

  • The UW-Platteville Explore Engineering Summer Program is tailored for high school students interested in engineering.
  • UW-Platteville offers a major in Sustainability and Renewable Energy Systems. The study of sustainable and renewable energy systems addresses the concerns of world resources, including energy and renewable energy, and their social economic, and environmental impacts. 

Go beyond the books.

The videos below demonstrate test equipment found in 337 Engineering Hall. 

The videos below introduce the basic functionality of B2Spice.