Students who purchase a meal plan will receive an OZZI (pronounced Oh-Zee) token upon checking into their residence hall. Students who purchased a meal plan but do not live in a residence hall can pick up their OZZI token from the Meal Access Office. All faculty, staff, and other dining patrons can buy into the program with a one-time charge of $4 at the cash register at The Pioneer Crossing. At this time, tokens can only be used at Pioneer Crossing.
Follow these six easy steps:

  1. Ask for your meal in a reusable container
  2. Hand token or cash value to cashier
  3. Eat anywhere
  4. Bring used container to OZZI machine
  5. Follow instructions on machine
  6. Keep token for next time

Meal plans can only purchase food items. However, you may use Campus Cash (formerly Passport Funds), cash, credit, or debit to pay for a container. Ask for your meal in a reusable container and pay for the food and the $4 fee at the cash register. When you’re done eating, return your container to the OZZI machine and receive a token. Currently, The Pioneer Crossing contains the only OZZI machine at UW-Platteville. Bring the token to pay for the container next time.

Dining Services is not responsible for forgotten, lost, stolen, or misplaced tokens or containers. You will have to buy into the program again for $4 at the cash register.

Additional information

We’re excited to offer this option to aid in the University’s sustainability efforts. The containers are meant to be a part of the program life cycle; therefore it’s important to return them properly and not permanently keep them. Dining Services will do the washing, but all containers need to be returned to the OZZI machine for safety and sanitation purposes. Preferably, containers should be returned the day after use with no food particles, or at least rinsed out if returned after more than a day.

Students, faculty, staff, and guests who plan on using To Go containers at least nine times during the school year will save money with the OZZI program. We encourage you to participate! Compostable containers will still be available for $0.50; please ask your server for one and pay the additional cost at the cash register.

If you are graduating or leaving the University, please return your token to the Meal Access Office. UW-Oshkosh, UW-Green Bay, UW-Madison, and Marquette University are a few schools nearby that have also implemented the OZZI program

Contact Information

Dining and Campus Card Office

1300 Markee Pioneer Student Center