Each UW-Platteville dining plan works like a debit card with a declining balance of Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars can be used at all dining locations on campus. If needed, students can make additional deposits at any time throughout the semester, without any additional fees, through eAccounts. Included in the price of each plan is a base cost that covers a large portion of utilities, maintenance, overhead, repairs, and labor for our dining locations. UW-Platteville dining plans give you access to two separate discounts throughout campus.

Stations Buying Power (SBP) All dining plan holders receive a 50% discount upon entry to our all you care to eat facility Bridgeway Stations, doubling the value of your dining dollars, providing the best value for your money.

MealCashDining Plan Price

You’ll also receive 30% off the cash price of all prepared food/beverage items including: Miners Café, Starbucks Beverages, Pioneer Crossing (DuJour, Subsational, Elbows Modern Mac & Cheese, Calientes Mexican Grill, Shusen’s Asian Cuisine, and Soup/Salad bar), Pioneer Haus, and all BFF Grab & Go items throughout campus.

Dining Plan Options

The following meal plan pricing is per semester. Fall dining plan balances carry over to spring with the purchase of a spring plan.

Freshmen and Sophomores

Freshmen and sophomores living in the residence halls are required to participate and may choose from one of the first four plans listed.

Standard Dining Plans Dining Dollars Overhead Fee Total Cost (semester)
Level 1 $930 $670 $1,600
Level 2 $1,040 $670 $1,710
Level 3 $1,150 $670 $1,820
Level 4 $1,250 $670 $1,920

Juniors and seniors

Juniors and seniors that are living on campus may choose from any of the plans listed above, or the two plans listed below.

Junior/Senior Plans Dining Dollars Overhead Fee Total Cost (semester)
Junior/Senior Level 1 $602 $488 $1,090
Junior/Senior Level 2 $702 $488 $1,190

Commuter Plans

Commuter plans provide off-campus students convenient access to eat on campus.

Commuter Plans Dining Dollars Overhead Fee Total Cost (semester)
Commuter Level 1 $365 $325 $690
Commuter Level 2 $465 $325 $790

Contact Information

Dining and Campus Card Office

1300 Markee Pioneer Student Center