Internships and Cooperative Education Programs (co-ops) allow students to gain work experience, explore their career goals, and network with professionals and experts. An internship is a structured educational experience, which incorporates productive work experience as a regular part of a college student's curriculum. An internship is a partnership between the student, employer, and the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

A co-op is one form of an experiential learning opportunity. A co-op actively combines classroom learning and on-the-job experience by alternating periods of study and work. The work period is spent in full-time employment with private industry or governmental agencies. The work assignment exposes the student to a variety of experiences and is closely related to his/her field of study and career goals.

Internships or co-ops are strongly encouraged for all students at UW-Platteville. They are also required by various degree programs, including business, industrial studies, and agribusiness, to name a few.

Tips for Securing an Internship or Co-op

You should inquire with your degree program as to the requirements and criteria for application into an internship or co-op program. Questions regarding college credit requirements, progress and evaluation reports, and paid/non-paid internship opportunities should be directed to your academic department.

Consider these tips for securing an internship or co-op:

  • Choose two or three career fields that interest you and then schedule an appointment to discuss your internship options with one of our Career and Professional Development Specialists. Call 608.342.1183 or make an appointment using Handshake.
  • Create a resume, register on Handshake, and upload your resume in the system to search for internships and co-ops in your major.
  • Discuss your internship or co-op interests with your faculty advisor or internship/co-op coordinator.
  • Work with the Cooperative Education Program for assistance with securing co-ops through the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science. Contact the office at 608.342.1686 or visit 149 Ottensman Hall.
  • Learn more information about Business Administration and Accounting internship opportunities through the School of Business.
  • See if the State of Wisconsin Summer Affirmative Action Internship Program might be an option for you.

You should target specific employers that are of interest specifically to you. You could still intern with them, even if UW-Platteville does not have an active internship program with them, but you must talk to your academic advisor first.

Other Experiential Learning Opportunities 

Listed below are other options to explore a career and build your resume.

Participation in an internship, co-op, or experiential learning opportunity prior to graduation is strongly encouraged to ALL students regardless if it is, or is not, a requirement for graduation.

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