On-campus interview.

Interviewing candidates on campus for internship, co-op or full-time positions allows you to identify and screen qualified candidates on the same day and increases our students' awareness of your company.

Recruiting dates for employers choosing to interview on campus occur during the regular academic year (September-May). Many employers set up a campus interview date in conjunction with our fall or spring career fairs, but on-campus interviews can happen anytime during the academic year. Interview rooms are available to simplify your recruiting efforts.

The following items are required for on-campus interviews:
• Job posted in Handshake

To schedule on-campus interviews, you must be registered with Handshake.

Interview Week **NEW** (On-campus interviews)

We are excited to announce our new Interview week, which will take place from Tuesday, September 24-Friday, September 27. 


We know there is a high demand for on-campus interview space immediately following the career fair and with limited space available, we are inviting our employers to join us for interview week to spread out our on-campus interviews throughout the week as your schedule allows. Spaces will be reserved on a first come/first served basis. Having interviews throughout the week will also benefit our students who are trying to fit interviews into their schedules.


Requests for interview spaces also happens in Handshake, but is separate from the career fair registration.


Requests for interview spaces will be restricted as such ONLY during the week of the career fair

Sponsors can reserve up to 2 interview spaces* for Tuesday, September 24 and up to 3 interview spaces* for Wednesday, September 25-Friday, September 27.


Basic registrants can reserve 1 interview space* from Tuesday, September 24 to Friday, September 27.


(*pending space availability)

To Schedule On-Campus Interviews

  1. Log into your Handshake Account
  2. Click Request an Interview on your account's home screen.
  3. Fill out the basics section of the form.
    • School: The school where you are requesting the interview schedule
    • Description: Describe the interview. Provide any information students might use to prepare for the interview including the format, the number of interviewers that will be present, etc. If you will administer a skills test or if you would like the student to bring work samples to the interview, share that information here.
    • Contacts: The interviewers from your company who will be present for the interviews. Note: You are welcome to include staff members at your company who do not have a Handshake profile.
  4. Click Timeline from the steps at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Select the date you are interested in interviewing on campus. You will then be asked how many rooms you would like to reserve on that day.  Please note: You are limited to 1 room in the system.  If you wish to request more than 1 interviews room, complete the request with 1 indicated, and contact our office to discuss availability.
  6. Indicate the type of interview schedule you would like.  Please pay close attention to the description of each option.
    • Open Schedule
      • Select this timeline if you wish to have the Handshake system perform the screening of candidates. Any student who passes the specified qualifications are allowed to sign up for interviews.
    • Preselect
      • If you are interested in managing your applicants in Handshake please use this option. Students request interviews through the Handshake system and employers review materials and approve or deny applicants
    • Room Only
      • Use this option if you will be accepting resumes at a career fair or through your own application methods.  This option simply reserves interview rooms.
  7. Select the time slots you would like to interview students in.
    • Interviews may begin at 8 am and must be completed by 4 pm
  8. Once you have selected your interview date, interview schedule type and interview slots, you can move to select which job(s).
  9. Choose the job you would to attach to this interview schedule.
    • Create New Job: Use this option to create a new job and new details, requirements and qualifications
    • Copy Job Details: Copy job details from an existing job.  This will create a new job posting and will not import any applicants.
    • Use Existing Job: Use this option to attach an existing job and its current applicants to the interview schedule
  10. If you are not ready to post a position you can click Remind me Later, this option will send you an email four days before the Apply Start Date reminding you to post a position and attach it to the schedule
  11. When you are ready to move on select Review from the bottom tabs
  12. Review your interview dates and details and go back to any steps you would like to edit
  13. Select Request
  14. Our office will begin working on setting up your interview reservation.  We will contact you with any questions we may have.

Please contact our office at 608-342-1183 or email cpdo@uwplatt.edu if you have any questions.

Upcoming On-Campus Interviews

  • You can access more specifics on interviews you qualify for through your PCN account.
  • Please check your schedule carefully to avoid conflicts when scheduling a campus interview. Remember, a scheduled interview is a business appointment made between you and the employer.

Cancellation and No SHOW PolicY

Interview Cancellation Policy

Students may freely change an interview time or cancel an interview using Pioneer Career Network (PCN) as long as it is done two business days in advance of the interview date (two business days = Monday–Friday; 7:45 a.m.–4:45 p.m.). This allows time for an alternate to sign up in that interview slot and prepare for that interview.

Students may NOT cancel an interview with less than two business days notice (two business days = Monday–Friday; 7:45 a.m.–4:45 p.m.), except in the case of an emergency or severe illness. Students must contact the CPDO at 608.342.1183 as soon as possible, so we can attempt to find an alternate to fill the interview slot.

Cancelling an interview with short notice or not showing up to an interview:

  • deprives a fellow student the opportunity to interview with that employer
  • wastes the time of the employer who has spent their limited resources traveling to UW-Platteville to conduct interviews
  • reflects poorly on UW-Platteville on the whole and can damage the long-term relationship between UW-Platteville and that employer
On-Campus Interview Cancellation Policy
Cancellation Policy Date
You may freely cancel an interview through the Pioneer Career Network... ...if the interview is more than two calendar days away
You must contact the CPDO immediately at 608.342.1183... ...if you need to cancel within two calendar days of your interview (only permitted in cases of emergency or severe illness)

Late Cancellations

Late cancellations (less than two business days notice) will not be tolerated. If this situation occurs, it is the student's responsibility to do one of the following:

  1. Speak personally with the employer representative and explain why he/she will not be attending the interview.
  2. In the event of a late cancellation, the student is required to send an apology letter to the interviewer via e-mail no later than three (3) business days after the date of the interview. The written apology should be a professional letter and it must explain the circumstances that caused the late cancellation. A copy of the apology must be provided to the CPDO either via hard copy or via e-mail to cpdo@uwplatt.edu. (Contact information for the company recruiter may be obtained from staff in the CPDO by calling 608.342.1183.)

Interview No Show Policy

Not showing up for an interview is rude, denies other UW-Platteville candidates an opportunity to interview, and jeopardizes our positive relationship with recruiters. In the case of an emergency, students need to explain situation to the CPDO staff as soon as possible (608.342.1183). DO NOT SEND AN E-MAIL in this situation.

Rationale for the Missed Interview Policy

When conducting a job search it is critical for UW-Platteville students to recognize that they are also preparing to become workplace professionals. Thus, it is important to conduct business with potential employers in a professional fashion; including through voicemail messages, phone calls, letters, e-mails, resumes, and interviews.  The impressions you make will be lasting ones; favorable or not-so-favorable.

Employers invest substantial time and money in their recruitment efforts and it is a privilege to have them come to our campus. When a student misses a scheduled interview, it impacts the employer, other students, and the reputation of the university. UW-Platteville places the highest values on our students and employers, so any negative impact to either causes us great concern. Canceling an on-campus interview within 48-hours of the interview MUST be approved by an CPDO staff member.