BILSA Alumni Chapter

UW-Platteville owes much of the credit for our ongoing success to the efforts of our alumni and friends of the college. Countless others, just like you, understand the value of staying connected with UW-Platteville and the College of BILSA. Whether you would like to serve on an advisory board, support the college with a gift, connect with past friends at an event or just about anything in between, there are numerous opportunities to be involved with UW-Platteville.


  • Cultivate friendships and foster mutual aid among members.
  • Promote the welfare of the departments and school administered through the College of Business, Industry, Life Science, and Agriculture.
  • Promote mutually beneficial relationships between the previously stated programs and their alumni.

Current initiatives

  1. Revise the scholarship program and set criteria for the BILSA Golf scholarships.
  2. Encourage Alumni Association membership growth.
  3. Increase attendance and participation in the BILSA Golf Outing.
  4. Continue to recognize outstanding alumni at homecoming.