Follow these steps to ensure your place in the upcoming class.

Step 1: Confirm your acceptance in PASS

Step 2: Reserve your room

  • New freshman and sophomore students, except for those who are planning to commute from home, married, or a veteran, are required to live on campus.
  • Visit Room Reservations to submit the residence life e-contract and pre-payment or the request for exemption.
  • The $150 prepayment will be applied to your first semester bill and $100 is refundable until
    • May 1st for fall and summer semester
    • Dec 1st for spring semester

Step 3: Apply for financial aid and scholarships

Step 4: Sign up for New Student Experience

  • The New Student Experience guides incoming students through their transition to UW-Platteville. Students meet with an advisor and register for fall classes, build connections, learn about resources, and get to know their campus!
  • Log into your PASS account starting in February to sign up for the New Student Experience and to select your on-campus orientation date.
  • You must accept your admission before you will be able to select a date to for your on-campus orientation.

Step 5: Take the UW System placement tests

  • Incoming freshmen are required to take the UW System placement tests in math and English. The foreign language test is optional. The results of these tests will allow your academic advisor to help you enroll in the courses that you are most likely to succeed in.
  • Placement Tests need to be completed no later than two weeks before your advising appointment during New Student Experience.
  • Visit the UW System website in March to sign up for the placement tests:
  • For more information, see our Placement Testing page.

Step 6: Participate in New Student Experience

There are three main steps you’ll complete during New Student Experience:

  • Meet with an academic advisor and register for classes. You will receive an email from your academic advisor with more details about this step.
  • Attend an on-campus orientation experience to build connections and learn about the resources available to you.
  • Participate in Welcome Weekend when you arrive on campus in the fall.

Step 7: Send final transcripts

Step 8: Get ready for the semester to begin