A Smart Investment with Lifelong Returns

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville is among the most affordable institutions in the state, with additional savings found through our textbook rental system. That means our students get outstanding educational and career opportunities at a lower cost than many of their peers.

Undergraduate Tuition

The following direct costs are estimated for an on-campus undergraduate student enrolled full time at UW-Platteville for the academic year. All costs are approximate and subject to change. Visit the Cashier's Office to view a detailed breakdown of tuition and fees.

Tuition Advantage, formerly known as the Tri-State Initiative, is a discount on out-of-state tuition for eligible residents of Illinois and Iowa.

Minnesota-Wisconsin Reciprocity states that eligible residents of Minnesota can attend Wisconsin institutions at the approved reciprocity tuition rate.

Tuition and fees include UW System undergraduate tuition, differential tuition, registration fees, and items such as textbook rental, health and wellness services, and student activities. Room and board costs shown are based upon the selection of traditional tier double room housing and the Level II meal plan. View detailed costs on residence hall and meal plan options.

2022-23 Academic year

  Wisconsin Resident Minnesota Reciprocity IA/IL Tuition Advantage Non-Resident International
Tuition and Fees $7,932 $10,200 $12,742 $16,870 $17,870
Room and Board $7,610 $7,610 $7,610 $7,610 $7,610
Total $15,542 $17,810 $20,352 $24,480 $25,480