Explore the topics of acting, directing, voice, movement, stagecraft, design, theatre styles, history, critical theory, and dramatic literature with a major in fine arts-theatre or minors in theatre and musical theatre through the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Department of Performing and Visual Arts. Learn the fundamentals and specialized knowledge needed to analyze and understand theatre theories and practices. The fine arts-theatre major and minors offer multiple opportunities to participate in live theatrical productions every year. Non-majors are also welcome and encouraged to participate both on and off stage.

The theatre minors complement a host of majors such as English, business, education, engineering, industrial technology, and music but is open to all majors. Many students double major in fine arts-theatre and another field. Experience a project from inception to completion and learn to work as a team with the fine arts-theatre major and theatre and musical theatre minors. Theatre provides practical and theoretical skills that will be invaluable to future careers in any field.