Soil and crop science, also known as agronomy, focuses on practices that produce economically and environmentally sustainable crops for human consumption, animal feed, fiber, seed stock, or fuel. UW-Platteville’s program is built upon rigorous scientific practice and state-of-the art labs that prepare you for success.

You’ll enjoy many opportunities for hands-on learning and internships. You’ll also engage in friendly, rewarding competition with your peers; competitive teams within the soil and crop science program have earned several national championships and even an international championship. Graduates of the soil and crop science program will be prepared for careers as an agronomist, agronomic consultant, crop specialist, farm manager, or manufacturing engineer.

Choose how your degree will best suit you by selecting an area of emphasis.


The comprehensive/agronomy emphasis will help you pursue a career as an agronomist or crop consultant, pesticide applicator, nutrient management specialist, soil and water conservationists, and more. You’ll explore topics in crop production, management and crop protection, and physical and biological sciences.


The international emphasis will allow you to study abroad or work in the field of international agriculture. Graduates with this emphasis will be prepared for careers as a research technician in a global agriculture setting, soil and water conservationist, agronomist and more.

Plant Breeding and Genetics/Biotechnology

The plant breeding and genetics/biotechnology emphasis will allow you to pursue a career as a plant breeder, plant biotechnologist, or research technician. You’ll explore topics in crop improvement and crop protection and management. Graduates with this emphasis will also be prepared for graduate studies in plant biology-related fields such as plant breeding, genetics and plant pathology.

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