Soil and crop science, also known as agronomy, focuses on practices that produce economically and environmentally sustainable crops for human consumption, animal feed, fiber, seed stock, or fuel. UW-Platteville’s program is built upon rigorous scientific practice and state-of-the art labs that prepare you for success.

You’ll learn in small classes, from dedicated professors who take the time to learn your name and help you reach your goals. You’ll enjoy many opportunities for hands-on learning and internships. You’ll also engage in friendly, rewarding competition with your peers; competitive teams within the soil and crop science program have earned several national championships and even an international championship. Plus, since tuition at UW-Platteville ranks among the lowest in the entire state, you can graduate without an overwhelming amount of student debt.

Soil and crop science at UW-Platteville brings you big opportunity and success. Learn more or apply today.


  • Comprehensive
  • International
  • Plant Breeding and Genetics