The reclamation, environment, and conservation program at UW-Platteville prepares you to restore and manage degraded habitats and ecosystems. The program is cross-disciplinary in nature and leverages UW-Platteville’s strengths in engineering, agriculture, and the physical sciences.

Gain practical skills through service learning projects, research and the Fire and Water Lab. Graduates of this program will be prepared for careers in GPS survey/grad technology, wildlife technology, environmental field technology, restorationist, and health, safety and environment specialist.

Choose how your degree will best suit you by selecting an area of emphasis.


The biology emphasis examines the topics of zoology, plant taxonomy and soil fertility. Explore careers in the areas of an environmental consultant, mined land reclamation specialist, civil engineer, wildlife manager, park naturalist, zookeeper, or wildlife scientist.


The chemistry emphasis provides an advanced study of environmental chemistry. You’ll be prepared for careers as a chemical engineer, reclamation manager, or recycling and reclamation worker.


The physical emphasis explores topics in geology, physics, cartography, and geographic information systems. Career opportunities can include soil and water conservationists, natural resources manager, or ecological officer.