As a student with the Department of Environmental Sciences and Society at UW-Platteville, you’ll explore the physical earth and how the interaction between people and the environment shapes our world, perceptions, and lives. You’ll gain a unique perspective of geography cultivated from the integration of technical skills, an understanding of the major world regions, and insightful thinking.

Your degree will include challenging courses, immersive field trips, and hands-on research experiences that push you to think critically and connect concepts across physical, ecological, social, and information sciences to understand the complexity of environmental challenges and importance of environmental justice. Plus, there are a variety of student clubs and organizations that take part in everything from controlled burns of our local prairie to trips across the country to explore our amazing and complex world.

These early opportunities for internships and field-based learning give you the real-life skills employers want. You’ll graduate ready to work in forestry, natural resource management, wildlife management, cartography, geographic information systems, and many other positions.