Earn a master’s degree in as little as three additional terms after your bachelor’s.  Through the Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s pathways, you can earn your bachelor’s and master’s degrees by applying 6 credits of select graduate courses toward both your UW-Platteville undergraduate and graduate degrees. Add value to your degree – entering the workforce with a combination of academic credentials to make you more marketable.

Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Pathway Testimonial
    • Start your coursework through UW-Platteville
    • Discuss the possibility of completing both a bachelor’s and master’s degree through the accelerated program with your advisor
    • Continue taking courses through UW-Platteville
    • Declare a major if you haven’t done so
    • Continue conversations with your advisor about your interest in completing both degrees through the accelerated program.
    • Contact an Admissions Counselor to discuss your next steps in entering the pathway
    • Apply to the Accelerated Bachelor to Master’s Pathway before the start of fall registration
    • Work with your advisor to ensure you can complete one 3-credit graduate course and up to 12 credits of undergraduate courses for the fall semester
    • Submit the appropriate approval forms to have the course counted for both the undergraduate and graduate degrees
    • Complete your coursework
    • Work with your advisor to ensure you can complete one 3-credit graduate course and up to 12 credits of undergraduate courses for the spring semester
    • Celebrate earning your Bachelor’s undergraduate degree
    • Continue your graduate coursework through UW-Platteville
    • Earn your Master of Science degree

Ready to Start?

Contact an Admission Counselor to learn more about the pathway and application process. 

To apply, submit a Graduate Student Application and detail your career and academic goals in the essay box; be sure to mention you are interested in the Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Pathway. Upon conditional admission to a graduate program, junior and senior standing students can enroll in one 3 credit graduate course along with 12 credits of undergraduate courses in a given semester. 

Upon graduation from the Bachelor’s degree program and completing the rest of the graduate admission steps, students will be fully admitted to the graduate program of their choosing at UW-Platteville.  Graduate programs can be completed in one academic year at full-time status, or students can choose a more flexible pathway that allows them to work while completing their Master’s degree. Most students with part-time status complete their degrees in two years.    


At time of entrance, you must:

  • have completed 60 credits
  • have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

Students who wish to enroll in an accelerated pathway but do not have an overall 3.0 GPA after completing 60 credits may still be considered through an extended review process. This review may include, but is not limited to, the following items:

  • a review of the content and mechanics of the student’s admission essay
  • a recommendation from the student’s advisor
  • an interview between the student and the program coordinator
  • other letters of support