What you'll learn studying German at UW-Platteville

The German program at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville will allow you to explore the theory of German sounds with practical training in pronunciation as well as the political, social, intellectual, artistic, and literacy development of the German nation. When you choose to pursue a minor in German language, your German language classes will allow you to explore the topics of conversation, grammar, reading, and writing in addition to literature. UW-Platteville also offers you the travel opportunity of over 400 available study abroad experiences.

Careers in German

Learning German for beginners can seem challenging, but this can be an incredibly rewarding field of study for those who choose to pursue language proficiency beyond their first German course. As an official language for six European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Lichtenstein) and a minority language in several other countries, German is an important language in the growing global economy. In addition to a variety of roles in the business world or the teaching profession, people who study German may also find work in the arts and humanities fields. 

Some of the careers you may consider pursuing with a minor in German include:

  • Foreign service officer
  • Immigration services worker
  • International business manager
  • International business marketing/advertising
  • International finance
  • Interpreter
  • Middle school or high school German teacher
  • Museum curator
  • Subtitling/closed-captioning
  • Teacher at a German immersion school
  • Translator
  • Tour guide
  • Travel director

Furthering an interest in the German language is a choice that can lead to career fulfillment.

Discover by doing

At UW-Platteville, learning happens both inside and outside of the classroom. Students improve proficiency and benefit from German language lessons in a variety of ways, including through research projects, internships, university events, and study abroad programs.

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