UW-Platteville offers rich opportunities for success in business and a proven history of business graduates doing big, exciting things. As a business administration student, you’ll gain a broad knowledge of business strategy and operations—exactly what you need to know to make a big impact in the business world.

You’ll learn from faculty that are practitioners and have experience managing sizeable companies. Several internship opportunities let you learn real-life skills on the job and get the most for your tuition dollars. 

Interested in earning your business administration degree online? We also offer a 100% online business administration degree.

Choose how your degree will best be suited by selecting an area of emphasis.


A large part of being a successful company involves intelligently managing and allocating financial resources. In the financial emphasis, you’ll learn to maximize value, manage risk, and strengthen your analytical skills. You’ll be prepared for a wide range of positions in investment, banking, and corporate finance.

General Business

The general business emphasis is designed for the true generalist or those who need a highly customized curriculum. You’ll select your own group of coursework from the business courses based on your specific career goals.

Human Resource Management

The human resources emphasis will prepare you to leverage an organization’s most important resource - its people. Modern human resource management is one of the most challenging fields due to its wide reach throughout all levels of a company but it’s also one of the most valuable. You’ll learn to motivate and manage people, find the right talent, and ensure compliance with critical regulations.

Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing allows you to manage the public face of an organization across all relevant media. Gain experience in persuasive communications, advertising, strategic promotion, public relations, data analysis, and e-commerce.

Integrated Supply Chain Management

Efficiency is the prime focus of supply chain management. Supply chain management makes sure that all inputs and outputs line up to keep product moving. Without it, company costs would skyrocket and two-day shipping wouldn’t be an option.

International Business

Even the smallest companies have gone global so employers increasingly demand experiences with foreign cultures. The international business emphasis embeds multinational business experience into your courses of study so that you understand the structures and strategies associated with global commerce.


Every manager operates within a specific organization that has people, resources, and processes. The management emphasis helps you understand that environment and leverage the human and financial resources to propel the organization forward.

Professional Sales

Sales are quite literally the lifeblood of any organization, yet most struggle with finding and retaining taken with proven expertise in selling. Graduates with a sales emphasis are in incredibly high demand because of the core skills in relationship selling, persuasion, and consumer behavior.

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