What you'll learn in the Applied Statistics Program

How can applied statistics help you prepare for your future? Data collection and analysis have become critical to business operations across industries. By studying applied statistics with the UW-Platteville Department of Mathematics, you’ll develop the analytical skills and experience that will give you an advantage on the job market.

Start with an applied statistics course and open doors to new opportunities. With a background in applied statistics, you’ll be able to guide decision-making and increase the productivity, efficiency, and profitability of your company, and be an integral member of your team.

Through coursework, you will learn how to use statistical software for data visualization and analysis; build statistical models; and apply statistical analysis and research methods to criminal justice, farming, agribusiness, and other areas.

As an applied statistics minor, you will have access to office hours with our acclaimed faculty, student study groups, and free tutoring services. UW-Platteville offers student support services to ensure every student thrives. We also offer more than 150 student clubs and organizations on campus, so you can explore your academic and social interests, gain professional skills, build your resume, and meet students in your academic program.

Careers in Applied Statistics

UW-Platteville's Applied Statistics program prepares graduates for successful careers in fields that include healthcare and medicine, government, research, product development, engineering, computer science, manufacturing, and banking and finance.

Applied statisticians and other professionals who use statistics in their day-to-day jobs typically analyze information using statistical formulas. Statisticians often apply mathematical solutions to solve problems for their employers, using statistical software programs.

Some of the most common positions using applied statistics skills include:

  • Applied statistician
  • Statistician
  • Mathematician
  • Actuary
  • Data scientist
  • Quantitative researcher
  • Computer programmer
  • Market research analyst
  • Statistics teacher or professor

Whether you’re interested in working in a large or small company; a university research setting; supporting local, federal, or state government agencies; or a start-up developing innovative technology; your career potential will be limitless. Some of these careers require an undergraduate degree in applied statistics while others are available to students who opt for an applied statistics minor while majoring in another field.

Discover by doing

Students who choose to minor in applied statistics at UW-Platteville learn not just in the classroom, but also through opportunities such as research, internships, and events throughout the university.