What you'll learn as a Data Science major

When you earn a data science degree in Wisconsin with UW-Platteville's Department of Mathematics, you will learn how to work with many types of data and develop your statistical, mathematical, and programming skills. You will study data cleaning, data wrangling, and data visualization, and develop smart applications in R and Python, making you ready to land your dream job after graduation.

Data Science is an interdisciplinary program, so you will learn from faculty across academic disciplines. These skills will prepare you for a career in rewarding fields spanning everything from economics, psychology, linguistics, biology, management science, computer science, and agriculture.

Careers in Data Science

Data scientists are in high demand. Organizations of all sizes and across industries are using more digital data than ever, so the need for people who can work with, visualize, interpret, and explain large amounts of data is growing, too. People who pursue careers in data science are generally interested in math, science, and statistics. Because data science professionals are often the liaisons between their employers and their employer’s data, good communication skills are also important.

Some of the many jobs available to skilled data science professionals include:

  • Data scientist
  • Data analyst
  • Data engineer
  • Statistician
  • Machine learning scientist

These roles can be found across several industries, including software publishing, engineering, healthcare, accounting and finance, government agencies, and many more. You can pursue many of these positions with a bachelor’s in data science, although some roles require advanced degrees.

Discover by doing

Students who choose to major or minor in data science learn not just in the classroom, but also through other exciting opportunities including research, internships, and events offered through the university.