With a degree in agribusiness, you will learn business, marketing, and management practices specifically related to agriculture. UW-Platteville’s fully functioning 430-acre livestock and feed farm lets you gain hands-on experience in farm operations and management. Internship opportunities also offer valuable real-life skills.

You can work in farming, farm supply, marketing and processing, or the service sectors of agriculture which provide information, research, and education to other sectors of agriculture. You’ll graduate with all the skills you need to be a true professional in one of the leading industries in our region.

Faculty members are connected to industry leaders and they work to keep the curriculum relevant and in step with the industry’s changing needs.

Choose how your degree will best suit you by selecting an area of emphasis.

Agricultural Engineering Technology

The agriculture engineering technology emphasis gives you the skills in applied science and engineering in the areas of power and machinery, structures, environment, soil and water, food and processing engineering and electronics and information systems. You’ll find careers as a field specialist, designer, engineering associate, conservation technical and more.

Commodity and Price Analysis

The commodity and price analysis emphasis will lead to careers related to commodity markets. You’ll gain an understanding of commodity price analysis, futures and options markets. Graduates of this emphasis will find work as a commodity broker or trader, commodity market analyst, loan officer, farm appraiser, or sales representative.

Communications and Marketing

You’ll gain a strong foundation of business skills in advertising, consumer behavior, marketing research, brand management, and other marketing and communication techniques and concepts with an emphasis in communications and marketing. You’ll be prepared for careers as a product specialist, marketing specialist, sales representative, farm broadcaster, or agricultural policy analyst.


The comprehensive emphasis will provide skills in diverse areas of agribusiness. You pick the courses that interest you from management, communications and marketing, commodity and price analysis, and agriculture engineering technology. You’ll find work in a variety of agricultural fields.


The international emphasis will allow you to work with international organizations in the agriculture field. You’ll gain global business skills in marketing and management. Graduates will be prepared for careers as a marketing specialist, market analyst, loan officer and more.


The management emphasis is for anyone looking to develop leadership and managerial skills in the agriculture field. Whether you aim to be self-employed, an entrepreneur, or work for an agriculture company, the management emphasis will provide the tools for your to succeed. Graduates of this emphasis will find opportunities for work as a farm manager, account manager, sales manager, loan officer, farm appraiser and more.