The Residence Hall Network (ResNet) has been a part of UW-Platteville since the planning phase in 1993. The goal was to provide network access in residence hall rooms and computer labs within the halls. Porter Hall wasused as a pilot project named "da Vinci". The project name changed in thefall of 1995 to reflect the name used for similar projects across the nation. Since then, the remaining eight halls were brought on-line: McGregor, Melcher, and Hugunin (Fall 1995), Morrow and Pickard (Spring 1996), Dobson and Brocket (Fall 1996), Wilgus Hall (Spring 1997), and Southwest Hall (Fall 2006).

The participating number of students with in-room connections has grownfrom 144 in 1994-95 to 2,347 in 2004-05, which was a considerable increasefrom the previous academic year and reached the 93 percentile of residents having in-room connections.

The goal of ResNet is to provide residence hall students with access to technology resources. These resources allow students to access a world of information that is available electronically on the campus network and the Internet. Students are provided this opportunity through in-room connectionsand hall labs. By facilitating this access to technology and information, resources are provided that enhance living and learning opportunities as well as technical skills. Students also increase their general knowledge and interact with people in not only a local but global society. The skills they receive will not only enhance their academic career at UW-Platteville but will also follow them into the work force after they graduate.


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