Culturally diverse experience

At University of Wisconsin-Platteville cultural diversity helps us recognize and respect ways of being that are not necessarily our own. 


As part of the elementary/middle program, you have the opportunity to take part in an urban teaching experience each semester in Milwaukee. Collaborating with University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Institute of Urban Education and the Milwaukee School System, you can participate in a two-week intensive intercultural teaching experience at Lincoln Avenue Elementary.

United Kingdom

You’re invited to participate in a two-week faculty led study abroad to the United Kingdom, where you will spend two weeks visiting a variety of rural and urban schools in Grantham, Leicester City and London, England as well as visits to Edinburgh, Scotland and Cardiff, Wales. Housed in beautiful and historic Harlaxton Manor, you will return with a greater understanding of international education and an expanded worldview.

Act 31: American Indian Tribes

The American Indian Summer Institute will teach you about the history, culture, and tribal sovereignty of the 11 federally recognized American Indian tribes in Wisconsin. It also addresses the Act 31 legislation, which requires future educators to be knowledgeable about Wisconsin tribes.

This weeklong summer institute will provide you with a wealth of information about how to become a culturally responsive teacher not only of American Indian children, but every student in their future classrooms. You will receive a certification from the Wisconsin Department of Instruction, which is a valuable addition to any portfolio.

Living and Learning Community

The Education Living and Learning Community is designed for those pursuing a major in K-12 education and want to surround themselves with other students who are passionate about teaching. You will also be part of a community and build friendships that will last throughout your tenure at UW-Platteville.

Through a series of academic and co-curricular experiences, you’ll learn what it means to be a teacher-leader, enhance your understanding of the issues facing the education workforce, and enrich your knowledge of students and curricular content.

During the first year, all LLC students will register for common sections of two required courses: TEACHING 1230 Introduction to Education in fall followed by TEACHING 2130 Human Growth and Development in spring.

Your co-curriculuar activities and experiences will include field trips to hear influential speakers in the world of education, movie nights, monthly professor office hours in the residence hall, and community-building activities.

Student organizations

Student organizations are a vital part of our programs. They allow you to create connections with students at UW-Platteville and other universities, and professionals in your field. Below you will find student organizations for the School of Education.