Instructor: Employee Retention Certificate program provides relevant and needed skills

Written by Eric Herbst on |
Employees at work

As workers continue to leave their jobs in pursuit of new opportunities, retaining employees has become more important than ever for organizations. Fortunately, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Continuing Education Institute’s Employee Retention Certificate program was designed to address this pressing issue.

Over three online courses, students will learn to assess the different types of employee engagement and address how the roles of leadership and organizational culture impact these dynamics. According to Dr. Maya Jaber, the course instructor, this is the first step of many for driving lasting change in the workforce.

“Employee retention is so important,” said Jaber. “The most important commodity of any organization is its people, and understanding and embedding this human component in the workforce is key for increasing employee engagement. This program will give students a better understanding on how to address this issue in our turbulent business environment.” 

Specifically, students will learn about several strategies for fostering engagement, acquire diagnostic and investigative skills to better manage change processes, and improve their own overall awareness for change and their capacity to transition into a better work culture. The goal of the course is to apply this newfound knowledge to learners’ own organizations. 

“This course asks the question of why people resign,” said Jaber. “Students will need to look at their own organization and understand its culture to answer this, then see how to possibly transition that culture into a better fit for every employee. Observing and identifying the different foundational aspects of a business will further help with this.”

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