The edTPA is a subject area-specific, performance-based assessment for a pre-service teacher candidate. Pearson-trained scorers evaluate a candidate's ability to teach a learning segment of three to five lessons taught to one class of students.

The edTPA evaluates a candidate's ability to effectively teach subject matter to all students, engage students, and assess learning. You must be able to use data to make decisions for future instruction with the goal being to deepen student learning. The entire edTPA portfolio will be uploaded to Taskstream.

Teacher candidates

The edTPA is completed in the final semester of student teaching. Before student teaching you should read getting started, FAQs, and policies.

During student teaching:

  1. Complete the edTPA assessment.
  2. Upload edTPA documentation and all supporting materials into Taskstream. Read this quick-start guide.
  3. Create an account at Pearson. The organization performs all external reviews, so you’ll need to create an account and transfer your edTPA documentation from Taskstream to Pearson.

Candidate Information

Consider using one of the templates below to parents during your student teaching experience.

Pleas see below for district video release forms.

The edTPA requires candidates to video record segments of teaching that correlate with the three to five lessons planned in Task 1. In order to ease stress, it’s important for candidates to practice early and use support documentation.

Other helpful links.

Video support

edTPA requires you to video record segments of lessons for evaluations. You can use multiple tools to edit and compress your video such as Moviemaker, iMovie, and Handbrake.